Tuesday, June 4, 2024

RIP to one of my role models

RIP to one of my role models

Legendary mathematician and hedge fund manager Jim Simons has passed away, age 86.

His Medallion fund was called "Greatest Money-Making Machine of All Time" and made an annual return of 62% per year from 1988 to 2018 (before fees).

His image is attached with this email.

In August 2023, I wrote an article about him.

The link to the article is below.

James Simons: How Did He Become a Global Legendary Trader?

Thursday, May 23, 2024




We strongly suggest that you turn off DM's and friend request's, WE WILL NOT DM YOU!

That's not to say that you can't speak to people privately in DM - I do as I'm sure many here do - however it should be on an invite basis (ask "do you mind if I DM you" in this public chat so that everyone knows what's going on - scammers will hide it).

And if we ever DM, know that although we might get to know each other, and could even become the bestest of friends we've ever had, I will never ask:

- for money

- to set up a shared exchange account to trade together

- to send a package to you because I'm "out of the country"

- for your seedphrase to your wallet

Basically, don't give anything you woudn't give a stranger you pass on the street or meet at a bar. Small chat is cool, even become friends etc., but bear in mind you've never actually met them and can never 100% know who someone online is.

(these are some of the common methods scammers use - after they build a relationship with you over weeks or months).

If anyone approaches you in this way, post a screenshot in ⁠🆘report-scammers and tag a moderator.

Be smart.

Take your time.


Don't get Crypto-Catfished!

 Source: Jacob’s Crypto Clan

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The day I sacrificed a ram because of Bitcoin

 The day I sacrificed a ram because of Bitcoin

How to avoid high Bitcoin transaction fees and network delays


 Sometimes Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees can be very high. 

 Imagine having to pay 104 USD just to send 5 USD BTC, or paying 1400 USD just to send 2000 USD BTC!

This often happens during network congestion periods – fees are extremely high.

 Also, there is always a considerable amount of delay when sending Bitcoin from one wallet to another. The delay can range from several hours to days or even weeks.

Almost 10 years ago when I first got my feet wet as a bitcoiner, a company sent me BTC as a form of payment for the services I rendered then

The payment didn’t arrive and I contacted the company, who in turn, showed me the proof of the transaction. 

I was frustrated, and after waiting for days, I had to contact the spiritual adviser I had then. 

The spiritual adviser said some spiritual forces were standing in the way of the payment and that we had to make a sacrifice so that they could release the payment. 

I had to send money for the sacrifice. The sacrifice was reported to have been made and lo and behold, the money arrived in my wallet within the next 3 days. 

I was happy, thinking the solution was from the sacrifice I made.

I was totally ignorant then. My idiocy stemmed out of my ignorance. 

The reality was that: The spiritual adviser did nothing. He just collected money for nothing, having seen that the payment would arrive anyway.

The delay wasn’t due to some village witches or wizards or spiritual powers holding the money. It was due to the BTC network congestion that was happening then.

Despite the congestion and delays, no matter how long, transactions will be confirmed at last. 

Because of the fear of BTC, I had to stay away from it… Only to come back later when I witnessed the wonders of the bull market of 2017. 

Staying away in the early days of BTC is the biggest reason why I missed the huge gains made by early investors in Bitcoin.

How to avoid high Bitcoin transaction fees and network delay

 Do you want to buy Bitcoin and hold it?

Do you want to invest in Bitcoin, but need to avoid the high fees and delays caused by network congestions, which may come unexpectedly without notice?

One way is to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network option on your exchange so that your transaction is completed very quickly. 

Another way (and my preferred method) is to buy Tether or Ethereum

or Solana or Cardano or TRON instead of Bitcoin.

Once you get either USDT or ETH or SOL or ADA or TRX, you would simply convert it to Bitcoin on your exchange platform. 

Getting any of the altcoins in the preceding paragraph will ensure that you pay low fees for the transaction and that the transaction gets completed very fast.

And on most exchanges’ platforms, conversion from one coin to another is free or it comes with extremely low fees. 

This is the best way to avoid high Bitcoin transaction fees and network delays.

High fees and network congestion are the biggest disadvantages of BTC. And that is why other major altcoins were created as a solution to this.

It is as simple as that.

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Victor Matifo, Ede Ankeli, and Chuma Okoye – Our new NETELLER VIPs

Meet Our Latest NETELLER VIPs

Every calendar year, we choose 2 customers to become our VIPs. They have permanently special status with us and they can fund/withdraw Neteller through us, at parallel market rates, whether they open brokerage accounts through us or not.


These are people who funded with the highest amount of Neteller, and who also withdrew the highest amount of Neteller through us.  They would be announced in early part each year and added to our list of VIPs. Their status is permanent.


Victor Matifo: Matifo is an avid buyer and seller of NETELLER. He buys and sells constantly, being a trader who makes profits, cashes out and trades more. We appreciate him for his patronage.

Ede S. Ankeli: He is also a constant buyer and seller of NETELLER. This is someone who likes to make profits and then buys more to make more profits. We are happy to have added him to our list of NETELLER VIPs.

Okoye Chuma: Mr. Okoye is a big buyer, who also doubles as a big seller of NETELLER. He transacts in large quantities. He’s been with us for a long time. Thus, he has become our VIP and he now has the power to buy from us at cheaper rates and also withdraw through us at higher rates than are displayed on our website.

NB: We now have 32 Neteller VIPs in the house. And we will announce more of them next year. Would you be among our next new Neteller VIPs?

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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Cryptocurrency: The White Man’s Money Ritual – Part 2

This is your last chance to make serious wealth from cryptocurrencies


Hello Traders:

Every 4 years, BTC's supply is reduced by 50% as a result of Bitcoin Halving.

Each time that happens, cryptocurrency has pumped towards ATHs (all-time highs).

It’s crucial that you pay attention to what the crypto market is doing before the Bitcoin Halving occurs.

Those who buy early has had the chance to turn a few thousand USD into millions of USD, just within one year.

But the current bull market that’s brewing up is quite unusual.

Billions in USD are flowing into the BTC market every day, as a result of the new spot BTC ETFs on Wall Street.

In the last bull market, BTC almost touched the resistance level at $70,000, without spot BTC ETFs…. Now think of what will happen during the current bull run with spot BTC ETFs.

All over the world, for a limited period of time, ordinary people have the same opportunity to make money that will last them for generations.

I’m not crazy about Bitcoin, however, because it’s too expensive right now.

There are other small coins that you can buy, which have small market caps and can make you 1000%, 5000%, 10000%, even 100000% or more. This will happen within this year and next year and the performance will beat BTC in terms of percentage.

Soon, you will look back and discover this is one of the most important points in your financial journey in life.

A real-world scenario

There is a trader who recently made N3.2 billion NGN within 23 days, after investing roughly N90,000 in one Solana memecoin.

Yes financial news media carried the news.

The trader started trading the memecoin within 5 minutes of its opening for trading, buying 43 million coins with N90,000 NGN. 22 days later, the coin capitalization grew to $123 million USD.

The guy withdrew N850 million NGN and left the rest of the money to grow.

I won’t mention the name of that Solana memecoin here (the name is for our VIP members only).

Not all coins will behave like this. Some coins will perform below expectation and some coin will perform according to expectation. However, some coins will perform beyond expectation.

If I give you a list of 300 high-probability coins to put on your radar, at least, 9 of them will perform beyond your imagination.

Who can boast of investing N5 million NGN in real estate and then make a profit of N100 million NGN within 5 years?

If you invested N20,000 NGN in Bitcoin less than 14 years ago, you could withdraw N135 billion NGN today.

Late Van K. Tharp, PhD, once said, cryptocurrency is the biggest asymmetrical bet in the investment history of the world.

A typical real-estate scenario
A few years ago, a young investor bought a 2-bedroom flat in Lekki, Lagos, for N57 million NGN, and rented it out at the rate of N4 million NGN.

It would take him 14 years to recover his money.

Yes, he can increase the rent later, to, say N6 million NGN per annum… But what I don’t even factor in, is the costs of maintenance of the house, costs of litigation in case the tenant defaults in payment and refuses to move out on time, thus wasting another several months or years.

During a bull market, crypto can make you recover your money in a single day or a single week or at worst, in a month, while you even make hundreds or thousands of percentages of profits within some months.

Our houseowner at Lekki is a young man, but is it worth it to wait for 14 years before you can recover your money, not even talking about making capital gains? Some even wait for 20 – 30 years to recover their money when they rent out their houses.

One uncle of mine had to wait for 11 years before he made 600% profit on the land he bought. But crypto can give you 600% in one week, in a bull market.

More on this in a future article.

The last most important bullish movement in the crypto market will start any days from now. If you don’t participate in it, that means you lose your last chance to make generational wealth from cryptocurrencies.

Do you want to miss this colossal $30 trillion USD movement that will certainly make a lot of people wealthy?

But you need to beware of 419 scammers (thieves called Yahoo/Gee idiots) and try not to enter the market at a wrong time. Bitcoin has created plenty of millionaires and billionaires, but those who don’t know what they’re doing have also become victims. To make money, you need to do it right.

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I end this piece with the quote below:

“I want you to ask yourself this question…

An 18-year-old high school dropout, two wedding photographers who nearly lost their jobs due to COVID-19, and a substitute teacher living paycheck to paycheck…

What do they all have in common?

They all became millionaires thanks to past crypto bull runs.”
– James A.