Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Nasdaq 1000 strategy result for August 2023

Hi Traders:


Nasdaq 100 (NAS100) strategy result for August 2023 is already here…


Please see attached with this message.


We have already introduced this strategy to our subscribers and the idea behind the strategy.


Last month, we made over 16% profits with that strategy alone (however, with very small lot sizes as you can see in the images attached, as we don’t recommend high lot sizes). That means more than $800 on a $5000 trading account and more than $1600 on a $10000 trading account.


How much does it cost for you to be in our PredictMag VIP group? It costs only N7000 per month and about $50 per annum to be in the VIP group and NAS100 is one of the 3 strategies we currently use.

 There is a GBPUSD/NZDJPY strategy with 100% hit rate so far, and there is also a Non-directional Forex strategy with positive expectancy and effective risk management. You can only make money after you have stopped losing it.


So, you have nothing to lose and a lot of things to gain for less than the cost of your monthly data subscription.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Itu Global Loses a Loyal Customer

Itu Global Loses a Loyal Customer


Peter O. Oyebanji was one of our loyal customers who had been doing business with us for many years.


 I first met him at one of the past Instaforex Nigeria monthly traders’ forums at Diamond Estate Lagos.

I contributed my ideas at the forum and he was one of those who collected my number after the forum ended.

He started doing business with us when he got to know that we are an exchange. He came to our office to get help verifying his Neteller account, and the verification effort was successful.


 He usually bought Neteller from us.


 Later he opened a Perfect Money account and came to our office again to get assistance in having the account verified.


 He usually bought PM as well, and later USDT.


 As an Erdely man, I sometimes sought his advice on certain issues of life, and he gave me insightful advice and opinions on some aspects of life.


 This shouldn’t be a surprise to you readers, as we we have formed personal relationships with some of our customers.


The last time Peter Oybanji came to our office was during the cashless policy period around March 2023… We were able to give him some cash, and he transferred some money to us in return.


 We don’t do POS business – we just did that for him because he needed the cash desperately.


 After that time, he bought e-currencies from us a few more times.


 The last time he bought anything from us was May 21, 2023. I didn’t hear from him after that.


 So in early July, I sent a WhatsApp message to him to ask how he was doing, and that we had not heard anything from him for a long time. That was when I got to know he had been on admission in a private hospital in Sagamu, Ogun State.


 “I need more money for my treatment, and as I am talking to you, I can’t stand up,” he pleaded with us.


 I reached out to him, and did what I could.


 Later I learned that he had been transferred to a military hospital in Lagos. He usually called to update on his current situation, and I reached out to him once more.


 Then I heard nothing from him again. I sent another WhatsApp message. There was no reply. His number was off.


 Last Friday, I was able to get through on his phone, but the call was picked by a hospital attendant.


 “Mr Peter is dead,” the attendant told me.


 Mr Peter died on August 7, 2023. He was taken to a mortuary and embalmed there.


 When I heard the news… I cried like a baby. It is so painful, to lose a terrific soul like that.  And this was someone we were planning to make our VIP next year.


 As a human, I did what I could do. His children tried their best. They rallied round and did what they could do.


 This is a solemn message. If you know how to do good, continue. If you know how to do bad things, continue. If you can’t treat others the way you want to be treated, continue. If you think the only way you can succeed and make it in life is to dupe people, scam people, cause heartaches to others and make them cry, continue.


 There is a reward for everything we do.


 Rest in peace, Mr. Peter O. Oyebanji.


 NB: His picture is attached with this message.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

How to prevent being added to Telegram without your permission

Hello Traders:

In Telegram groups (as well as WhatsApp groups), you should be able to join voluntarily. No one should add you to any Telegram group without your permission.

What I mean is that, anyone or any company who wants you to join their group should first advertise (or publicize) about the purposes of the groups and show you the link to join the group. Then it would be up to you to decide to join or not to join such a group.

Also, you can send your Telegram ID to someone to add you to a group, knowing full well that is being done with your permission.

However, if you’re added to a group suddenly, or you find yourself in any group or get added to a group without your permission, I can tell you that the group is 100% scam. They may appear legit and sincere and do everything possible to convince you that they are legit, but in the end, your money will be taken away from you.

So in a nutshell, it is you that must approve to be added to a Telegram group or add yourself to the group. If you find yourself in a group, then welcome to 419 Yahoo Scammers’ den! You need to bail yourself out as soon as you can.

If you decide to join a group yourself, through an invite link, or you give approval for someone to add you to a group, there is nothing wrong with that, though it may still be a scam group.

How to protect yourself against Spam Groups - Read It So You Can Keep Safe

Please do the following in your Telegram App

1️ Go to: Settings

2️ Select: Privacy and Security -> Groups

3️ Select: Who can add me to group chats? -> My Contacts

This will protect you from scammers adding you to FAKE groups/chats.

Thank you. Stay #SAFU.


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Friday, June 30, 2023

Our Signals Strategies for Trading and Investing – Part 6

Cryptocurrencies Investing – The White Man’s Money Ritual

This is the concluding part in this series.

Hi Everyone:

 I shouldn’t be talking about this, because it is a huge edge over multitudes of people. Even some of our colleagues don’t want us to reveal the secret.

 But we will reveal the secret to our VIP members.

What is that?

Crypto investing.

Crypto investing is one of the greatest wonders of the financial world. It is better and more profitable than any forms of traditional investments, including real estate.

What real estate cannot give you in 30 years, crypto investing will give you in 1 year. For instance, If you buy a piece of land at N1m, it could take you more than 30 – 40 years to sell that land at N100m, but a good and informed crypto investing can turn N1m to even N300m within one year.

Another advantage is liquidity, which enables you to withdraw any part or all of your money anytime you want or any day. You cannot do this with real estate.

You need substantial amount of money to go into real estate business, but a small amount of money put into crypto can make you rich.

In a future, article, we will tell you the reasons why crypto investing is better than real estate. But note, real estate is good, but good crypto investing is better. After all.
What matters most is constant cash flow for the rest of your life, and lack of cash flow is why many landlords die in poverty. More examples coming in future.


A Word of Caution
 Nevertheless, crypto investment has a lot of risks and you need to know what you’re doing if you don’t want to lose your money.

 For you to make cool riches as a crypto investor, you need to know the following:

The best crypto (coins, altcoins, tokens, etc,) to invest in;

Shitcoins to avoid;

The best time to invest;

The best time to stay out of the market;

The best time to cash out your profits;

How to cash out for profits

The best ways to manage your crypto investments;

The best centralized exchanges (CEXs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), custodian wallets to non-custodial wallets to use;

How to avoid scammers;

And how to keep your crypto safe.

All answers to these will be revealed to our VIP subscribers.


You need to know what you’re doing as a crypto investor and/or a trader. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then your activities can end up in regret. If you know what you’re doing, Crypto investing is better called the white man’s money ritual.

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Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Brutal Reality of Trading: Why Honesty is The Key

Follow your plan.

Do you know what's one of the toughest challenges that most traders face in the markets?

It's simple, yet so many fall into this trap... and it can wreak havoc on your profitability and mental state.

What is it?

It's being honest with yourself.

Having worked in the financial industry for over 30 years, I've seen it all. Traders who hit it big one day, just to see it vanish the next.

The frustrating part is when fools make a killing, while smart and experienced traders struggle to make ends meet.

Think about all the low-quality stocks or shady schemes that attract crowds, while solid investments with good potential often get ignored and neglected.

It's a strange world out there, but staying true to your principles and discipline can help you navigate it. Every trading journey has its ups and downs, with the possibility of triumph or failure at every turn.

But this is the thing: when things go wrong, it's usually because traders aren't being honest with themselves. They make excuses for their failures or overestimate their skills, just to be shocked when things don't go according to plan.

It's tough to face the cold, hard truth that you might be out of sync with the markets, or you’re lacking in discipline, but that's just the reality of the game.

Successful traders know that taking your ego out of the equation is essential for making good decisions and seeing things for what they really are. It's essential to view each result as feedback on one project, not as a reflection of your entire trading career.

And the best traders understand that long-term prosperity is built on a foundation of small failures and honest self-reflection.

Trading is an adventure, full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns. But by being honest with yourself and your approach, you can navigate it with your sanity intact and come out on top.

Author: Louise Bedford

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