Saturday, March 27, 2021

Annual forecast for Twitter (2021)

Twitter stock (NYSE:TWTR) has started coming down, especially this month. The new downtrend has followed a protracted bullish movement that the market has witnessed in the last several months.


From October 2020 to February 2021, bulls held sway.  However, from the beginning of March, a new bearish trend has ensued. Price has crossed the EMA 21 to the downside, as it trends further downwards. The William’s % Range period 20 is already in the oversold region and it would remain oversold for a long time.


There would be transient rally attempts but bears would remain winners overall. The outlook for TWTR is clearly bearish for this year, since a clean “sell” signal has already been generated. The support levels at 60.00, 55.00 and 50.00 would be tested and breached to the downside, at last.


Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


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Annual forecast for Tesla (2021)

Tesla shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) are already bearish and this is a trend that is expected to continue. The bearish movement began at the beginning of this year, as the nice bullish run that was seen in the year 2020, got terminated.


The market consolidated in October and November 2020, and then began to rise northwards in that November, making serious gains, before price started receding. The ADX period 14 is around the level 30, meaning that the momentum in the market is considerable. The DM- is above the DM+, emphasizing the bears’ presence and dominance.


The MACD default parameters, has its signal lines below the zero line; plus its histogram, which is currently and slightly above the zero line, would soon fall below the zero line. Once that happens, there would be an undisputed Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market.


The outlook on Tesla is bearish for this year, and the demand zones at 600.00, 550.00 and 500.00, would be tested.



Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


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Friday, March 26, 2021

PredictMag: Markets data, prices and charts now available

Markets data, prices and charts now available on, courtesy of TradingView (our data provider).

Market Data

When you visit the page, you will see live prices of stocks, stock indices, Forex, cryptos, and commodities. That is market data.

Advanced Real-time Chart

You will also see advanced real-time charts. Just type the name of your favorite market symbol and there you go. There you can see the chart for your favorite market. You can change the timeframe to any time horizon you like, and you can also apply your favorite indicators, to analyze the markets better.

Forex Screener

Here you can see your favorite Forex pairs: Major pairs and minor pairs, and exotic crosses. You can scroll up and down to see the high, low, bid, ask and ratings. You can even filter out major or minor pairs or crosses, depending on your preferences. You can see rising pairs, falling pairs, new 52-week highs, new 52-week lows, all-time high, all-time low, new monthly high, new monthly low, most volatile, overbought, oversold, outperforming SMA 50 and underperforming SMA 50. 

All these will help you make informed trading decisions.

Crypto Currencies Market

Here you can see the list of over 700 viable, useful and authentic crypto currencies. For each crypto currency, you will see their market capitalization, fully diluted market capitalization, last price, available coins, total coins, recent % change.

Yes, this will keep you abreast of the latest things in the world of trading. Most importantly, it would enable you to make more and more profits on PredictMag. 

Markets data, prices and charts:

Monday, March 15, 2021

Annual forecast for Verizon Communications (2021)

 Verizon Communications Inc. stock (NYSE:VZ) is essentially a bear market, and the bearishness may continue for some time, unless the upper Trendline is breached to the upside. The market is currently choppy and rough, and the probability of price going downwards is higher than its probability of going upwards.


The RSI period 14 is slightly below the level 50, and may begin sloping further downwards any moment soon, going into the oversold region below the level 30. The lower Trendline may also be breached to the downside as the market trends further downwards.


The outlook on VZ is bearish for this year and price can eventually reach the demand zones at 50.00, 45.00 and 40.00.



Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


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Annual forecast for PayPal (2021)

PayPal Holdings Inc. shares (NASDAQ:PYPL) are currently engaged in a bearish movement, and buyers’ effort to push up the market has invariably been scuttled. The market was bullish from October 2020, until the middle of February 2021. After that, it began trending downwards, generating a short-term bearish signal.


4 EMAs are used for this analysis, and they are EMAs 10, 20, 50 and 200. The color that stands for each EMA is shown at the left top part of the chart. The EMAs 10, 20 and 50 are now sloping downwards and price is virtually below them. Nonetheless, there wouldn’t be a long-term bearish bias until the EMA 200 is breached to the downside.


When price goes further upwards from here, it would mean a rally in the context of a downtrend (and that would be temporary). 


The outlook on PYPL is bearish for this year, and the EMA 200 is expected to be broken to the downside, resulting in a Death Cross. Our main target is the support level at 200.00, which would also be breached to the downside.



Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


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Friday, March 12, 2021

Using Money Management on PredictMag

Whether you do sports betting or any other forms of betting or Forex trading or binary options trading or stock trading or crypto trading or any forms of investing (cryptos or stocks or any), you cannot always win. Excellent traders, even, sometimes sustain losses. If you buy cryptos and hold, you will need to wait for a long time for the value of your holdings to appreciate, (or even depreciate). 

Those who have experience with other forms of online trading mentioned above, can testify that, is easier to make money, and less expensive. There are limits on how much you can deposit and how much you can stake on each trade; though there is no limit on how much profits you can accumulate. 

But you need to manage your money and trade responsibly. Even our prophets don’t win all their trades. They only win most of their trades, but not all. Our premium signals don’t have 100% accuracy. 

Do not max out ll your trades. There is no need to use the maximum amount on each trade, unless you are absolutely sure that the trade will be a winner (although being sure doesn’t mean the market must obey you). You can stake a low amount on some trades as well, to lower your risk.

You may want to avoid herd mentality, which makes your follow blindly what others are doing. Do your research and pick trades you are sure has high probability of going in your favor. The only exception is when you follow our signals. 

The trading results in a week may not be good, and that is the normal experience in the world of trading... Some weeks would be bad and some weeks would be OK, but overall we should be profitable in the long run.

A bad week does not mean the overall quality of a trading method is bad, and a good week does not mean the quality can endure. The merit of a good trading system is determined over a long period of time. Losing weeks are normal, but losing months or quarters may not be normal.

We advise traders to risk low per trade, so as not to suffer a huge loss on a single trade. We win some trades and lose some trades, but our wins need to be bigger than our losses, ultimately.


Saturday, March 6, 2021

Free Easter Shopping Promos (Monday, March 8 – Thursday, March 25, 2021)

Free Easter Shopping Promos (Monday, March 8 – Thursday, March 25, 2021)

To those who know how to use their brain, PredictMag platform is very easy to make money, when compared to all other forms of online trading.


Apart from the profits you make, we decided to award Free Easter Shopping Promo to our users. This is a temporary promo that will end this month, unlike the permanent promos here: 


How to win and get rewarded

Predict 10 successive markets correctly. Will choose only the first 10 users to qualify. The profits you make from those successful predictions are also yours by default.


You can choose your markets from any of our categories, but you have to get 10 predictions correct one after the other without a break. You can stake any amount you like, per prediction. Voided trades will not be counted for you or against you. You will send a screenshot of your historical trades if you qualify.


Only trades placed between March 8 and March 25 will be considered for this Easter Shopping Promos. If you win, please contact us and we will get back to you quickly.


We will send you a date and the venue of the shopping at Shoprite Ikeja City Mall. We will fix the time for the shopping (plus T and C) and you are free to take any provisions/items you prefer.


Only 10 users are needed, and that will be on first-qualified-first-chosen basis. If you qualify and you cannot come for shopping, you can send someone to do the shopping for you.


We are doing this to make this year’s Easter a memorable experience for you.