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Trading Forecast on Barclays PLC

Barclays PLC (LSEBARC), provides universal banking solutions in retail and business banking, corporate & investment banking and wealth management. The company is a British multinational financial institution, whose headquarters are in the UK. It operates in over 50 lands and regions around the world. In 2010, it had up to 2.33 trillion USD in terms of assets. It is the 4th largest bank in the world. The company stock has been bearish in 2012 and has continued to be so. Many fundamental reasons are responsible for this, some of which are directly and indirectly related to Barclays itself. Verba volant, scripta manent (words fly away, writings remain), as scholars agree. The primary trend is down, and mean reversion techniques could be harmful.

Technical Forecast: Buyers Be Careful
Barclays’ shares were bullish at the beginning of 2012, until early March when the price almost hit the distribution zone at 260. Since then the stock has been bearish till now; the only exception being a counter-trend correction that occurred between June 6 - 21, 2012. This period would have afforded bullish swing traders some decent gains. Since June 21, the stock has been winding its way downwards. Recently, the price gapped up, proffering bears an advantage to possibly sell dearer.  Technically, what we have on this market is a bearish Confirmation Pattern. Looking at the company price chart, we see that the ADX period 14 indicates some strength in the current market movement, while the -DI (Directional Index) is still favorably given an advantage over its +DI counterpart. The MACD signal line is still below the zero line, though the histogram is against the alignment. The pair was trading at 165.65 when this article was being written and it may go upwards temporarily towards the resistance levels at 166.00 and 166.50: whereas if further signs of weakness is shown, the price may be forced to go down to the demand zones at 165.00 and 164.50.

Yes, buyers should be very careful on this stock, because the stock shows a downtrend. Honestly, bulls do not fare well in a predominantly falling market.  Investors who hold out too long enough against the major trend is going against the flow of the market. In fact, near-term northward rallies should give sellers opportunities to short the market at better prices (selling rallies in the context of a downtrend).

Conclusion: For me, there are no difficulties in predicting tomorrow’s prices. Barclays shares will not plummet forever (there is no such thing as an everlasting trend). As I know, after this long-term drop, the resilient Barclays shares will rise, going up - either tardily or quickly. When that time comes, the stock will shrug off any negative news that could pull it down. You might feel this is odd, but based on my experience, the Barclays price chart is showing vivid accumulation zones. Market fundamentals are not often judiciously expatiated on. Last week, a company’s stock was rising and this week it is nose-diving, albeit logical reasons behind this do not exist. The forgoing shows why I strongly advocate keeping things uncomplicated when approaching the markets. Looking at the chart and seeing what is happening could be all you need to do make objective judgments. Do not forget that traders can make money, whichever the way the market goes.

This article is ended with a quote from one of successful female shares traders in the world:

“If it's your dream to be a trader, realize that you'll be up against some resistance. Sometimes from those who love you, sometimes from yourself. No great trader ever rose to the top of their equity curve without it. Expect it, and even welcome it as you recognized that you're doing what it takes to get ahead… You can either stay exactly where you're at right now, or you can force yourself out of your comfort zone.” - Louise Bedford 

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Trading – A Fantastic Way of Life

 “Until you move out of your comfort zone with anything in life including trading and investing, you will never achieve different results. Start to think a little differently about things and a whole new world of opportunity will open up to you like it did for Gretzky and Jordan.” - Sam Seiden

It’s known that knowledge can save life. Likewise, good trading knowledge can save your portfolio and career and make you a permanently successful trader. There are many trading educators, market analysts, signals strategists out there that can help you be the best trader you can be.  Fundamental figures release and market reactions are now contemporaneous events.
Past events in the financial industry remind us that what we don’t anticipate can sometimes happen. By saying that the markets are efficient, we mean that gains can be made by some, but the advantage used to make the gains can be rendered ineffectual by our competitors – except the game is unfair. True, some presently successful traders made deadly mistakes in the past. But out of their love for trading, they admitted their mistakes, and tried to do what’s right. Their experience in the markets is now agreeable and satisfactory. They make small gains and also sustain small negativity. 

It’s no longer something new that negativity would be sustained by any trader. The most important thing is to control the negativity and never allow pride to interfere with rationality when making trading decisions. Even when a losing streak comes around, there’s one course of action. That is, to hold out till the end of the streak. It does not pay to constantly call to mind unfortunate things that happened to our trading career. When bad things happen to us on the markets, we tend to think it could be better if we took the exact opposite positions. On the present fast moving instruments, we could be worse off. But we are not!

Indeed, trading is a fantastic way of life, and being a trader is a wonderful privilege. The risk inherent in trading hasn’t deterred a myriad of people from attempting to benefit from the financial freedom the currency markets have to offer. Trading apart, many people have taken risks in other spheres of human activity in order to achieve success and acclaim. Author Dennis Fisher mentioned Nal Needlam briefly in one of his articles. In Needlam’s book Stuntman! My Car Crashing, Plane-Jumping, Bone-Breaking, Death-Defying Hollywood Life, he reflects on taking risks. Needlam has slugged it out in his fist fights, raced cars at high speed, walked on wings of airborne planes, fallen off horses, and has even been set of fire!. He risked his life to entertain film audiences, and to distinguish himself as a top Hollywood stuntman.

“When my ophthalmologist says, ‘Be still.’ I am still. I don’t argue. I don’t become defiant. I don’t stay busy behind his back. Why? Because he is a renowned eye surgeon who is trying to preserve my sight, and he needs my cooperation,” says Julie Ackerman. “I would be foolish to ignore his instructions…” Taking this ideal instance into consideration, we would not want to ignore winning trading tips from market wizards that have been surviving the markets for ages. How we benefit from following the advice of successful trading mentors!

There are professional female traders as well (it’s well known that women have unique qualities that can be used to their advantage as traders). The quotes that end this article are from highly respected and successful female traders. You can be like them too. We have lots to learn from market veterans. In my futures articles – available on – objective market analyses, secrets of successful traders, positive trading mindset, effective trading ideas accompanied by their risk management parameters, and other trading related articles would be revealed.

I conclude this article with the 2 quotes below:

“Taking a loss is merely playing for better position. One trades strictly for probable future results, not for what the market might do… You grow with each decision, yet each decision has a price.  For example, you must discard a choice, and you must commit… Remember that conditions are never perfect. You must allow yourself to fail. Allow for human limitations and wrong choices. Reserve compassion for yourself and your limitations.” - Linda Raschke

“We have to stand up for our beliefs because it's only by our thoughts that we set ourselves apart from the masses who are not achieving trading greatness… The time to learn new instruments is before the one you are trading has stopped co-operating. Develop your skills before you need to use them. Learning while calm is very different than learning while feeling forced or desperate. Don't wait until a crisis in your life to learn how to trade. The time to act is now.” - Louise Bedford

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Thank you.

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NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 1



"Trade and prosper - it is an attainable American dream." - Mark. D. Cook

As a trading expert, I’ve noticed different ways in which people view trading. Some people love trading, some people hate it. Some think financial websites are great; some feel those websites don’t help ultimately. Some like to overtrade, some open very few positions. Most souls are too busy to speculate on a full-time basis, something that doesn’t really matter… Yes, it’s not possible for everybody to become a trade. There are conflicting opinions and there are many ways to make money, so to speak. But I’d like to point out that most of the wealthiest people in the world gain their immense riches from the stock market and the real estate investment.  Victorious market wizards have been trading the markets for decades, and in those periods their love for trading hasn’t been reduced. Rather, they have earned a wealth of knowledge and returns from actively participating in the markets and sometimes helping neophytes be the best traders they can be. It’s highly intriguing to see people sharing testimonies about their success in the markets and making decent income from their trading activities. If you can read the articles in this series and follow the secrets contained therein, you’d potentially see yourself being ultimately transformed into a competent trader.

Charles Kirk, quoted at the end of this article, said recently in an interview that when he looked back, he was very fortunate in terms of timing in his trading career as he started trading full time when the market was performing at its very best. What he lacked in knowledge and skills, a benevolent bull market made up for. They say bull markets make everyone look like a genius and that was certainly true in his case. Like many traders just starting out, he traded very aggressively and those aggressive trades paid off. Unfortunately, at the beginning, he’d zero respect or any real appreciation for proper risk management because trading was so very easy for him early on. As things go, the good and easy times where everything he touched turned to gold didn’t last. He started experiencing discouraging losses.

Rather than quitting, Charles Kirk began to learn what it takes to be a successful trader - a process that took him a considerable amount of time. He eventually achieved him aim, and now, he makes a living from trading.

Some who were thought to be trading experts are no longer in the markets. They made money when trading was favorable to them, but lost heavily when things went awry. They stopped trading because long-term success eluded them. We can never be inspired by former traders who have quit trading, but we can be goaded towards successful by market wizards who have been enjoying success - beating the markets on annual basis. Their traits can be learned and imitated by you as well. Those traits are revealed systematically in the articles in this series.


Traits of Successful Market Wizards
1. Victorious market wizards have found what work for them in trading: Every successful trader has found trading ideas that work consistently. Without trading principles that work, any trader would soon experience significant failure, for it’ll be that they don’t know what they’re doing in the markets. Those speculating without killer trading plans might enjoy transient success, but you would need killer trading plans in order to be a permanently victorious trader. You would save your nerves by simplifying your trading. Some of the trading ideas that work would be revealed in my future articles on this website.

2. Victorious market wizards take money management serious: For you as an individual trader, it is imperative for you to ensure that you’re not betting too big on an individual trade. Those who bet too big may win jackpots, but they tend to loose too big when things turn against them. There is a clear disparity between trading and gambling. Personally, I wouldn’t risk more than 1% of my portfolio per trade. Victorious traders do that for their permanent victory, and you should be able to do that too.

3. Victorious market wizards sell short in downtrends and go long in uptrend: The best trading method remains going with the flow of the markets, not the other way round. As Dr. Van K. Tharp puts it, the trader's struggle with the market is the problem. Market wizards trade only clear market propensities (not going against the propensities), and they stay out of equilibrium/trendless markets. If the markets are going south, they go south. If the markets are going north, they change to a northward bias. Really, you won’t be able to handle your open positions skillfully, if you’re experiencing problem handling your reactions to the markets .If you find it difficult to trade the markets with a measure of success, I would like to give you a simple advice. Switch to bigger timeframes. Short a predominantly falling market and purchase some contracts in a predominantly rising market.

4. Victorious market wizards wait for confirmation of a change in the trend, before they change their bias: They don’t rush to take the opposite side of the trend because some fundamental facts suggest that or because of corrections in the price. They wait for the market to turn before they change their positions. Market wizard acknowledge that the market can’t be prognosticated with 100% certainty. Nevertheless, the position they take when fundamentals change is often based on tactical speculative method coupled with effectual chart reading techniques. This is one timeless trading principle, and I’d still write an article to elaborate more on the importance of trend-following and the danger of going against the trend. Desist from pinpointing turning points in the markets when you think prices are too dear or too cheap (using money management based on your safety rules), till the market has shown that the bias is completely over.

Conclusion:  The most important point is that are many market speculators that possess unhelpful biases prior to opening orders and prior to sustaining any negativity. Realistically, majority of market players have good trading knowledge, but often freeze when it comes to executing trading decisions when needed. This procrastination makes them exasperated as the time runs out on them. Vividly, this is a great challenge when they need to be courageous in their trading ideas and in the execution of those trades. As someone who needs to trade effectively, you would need to stick to trading principles that work, or else you would be frustrated. The Part 2 of this series would be made available next week

This article is ended with the quotes below:

“It wasn’t until my father passed away one month after my law school graduation that I knew that trading for a career was the right decision. The very last conversation I had with my father in his hospital room is one I’ll never forget. In his last moments, he desperately urged me to ‘do what I love’ as a career. He told me that he’d enjoyed a very happy life because he really loved his work and how much of a difference that made for him. He worried that I was making choices that would prevent me from following my passion and urged me to follow my dreams. Shortly after, I asked my wife to give me 2 years to prove that I could make a living by trading instead of being a lawyer as I’d planed.”  – Charles Kirk

Azeez Mustapha

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trading Forecast on Tethys Petroleum

 Tethys Petroleum Limited is an AIM-listed company which is involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. When this company stock was analyzed, it was discovered that it is in a bearish mode. This is a falling market. While some traders would not prefer to open trades when the markets are in obdurate equilibrium phases, the probability of the price going further south is high.

Technical Forecast: Sell and Sell Short
The Tethys Petroleum shares (LSE:TPL) have been trading lower and lower, confirming the bears’ hegemony. Looking at the chart, you would see that the price has been coming down since early March 2012. The price tanked until the middle of June. On June 20, a short-term bullish rally started and held out till July 5, 2012. A horrible spike occurred on July 19, catapulting the price upwards by far more than a thousand points (reaching a high of 60.00 which was a formidable supply territory), and the price retraced heavily by over a thousand points the same day. Since then the price has been in a renewed bearish mode.

 You can see the trendlines drawn on the company’s price chart. It shows a downward bias.  The lower trendline has been tested several times, and if the pressure continues further, it may give way. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) period 14 has gone below the level 50 - further confirming the bearish pressure, though frigid sentiments may at times whip up choppy movements in the market. It looks as though the RSI still has a lot of way to go before reaching the oversold region at the level 30. While writing this forecast, the price was trading at 40.50. There are ceiling levels at 50.00, 50.50. Those levels would resist the interest of the bulls. There are floor levels at 30.50 and 30.00, as the bears might continues trudging towards these levels - though sustaining blows from the bulls as they move adamantly towards the levels. Prices may not be cheap when we think they are.

Conclusion:  What does it suggest? Clearly the sellers have overpowered the buyers. It is hightime the bulls took a break, because generally speaking, the stock has been bearish this year. So bears,  sell and sell short!  The buyers must have been desperate because the price has been trending lower and investors are most likely desperate from probable good news that could halt the weakness of this stock.

This article is ended with a quote from a trading maverick:

“A trader stays in touch with the bigger picture. In the end successful trading
is all about expectancy, risk management and position sizing.” - Dirk Vandycke

Azeez Mustapha

Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trading Forecast on Plexus Holding

Plexus Holdings PLC provides engineering methods and services for the oil & gas sector. This company stock is characterized by many gaps (gaps-up and gaps-down), extremely serious equilibrium market zones and significant movements; whereas a gap is a break in price. Gaps on this market reflect the proverbial imbalance in supply and demand on the shares of the company. When there is a gap up, it means the bulls are winning, and when there is a gap down, it means the bears are victorious.   

Technical Forecast: This Is a Bull Market
In case of the Plexus Holding stock (LSE:POS), we need to understand that a gap up is indeed representative of copious purchases, and a gap down is representative of excessive selling pressure. When the imbalances are highly conspicuous, these colossal zones are made as the price merely jumps down or jumps up, though there are periods of trendless activity when traders are very much inactive. Like a blockage in a blood vessel or a disruption in a pipe in which some liquid passes, the price might be unable to move smoothly until the strange imbalance is thwarted. Please look at the Plexus Holding chart, you would see the truth of the foregoing.

From January to April, 2012, the stock made significant bullish movement. No doubt, investors would be glad to realize some decent returns on their investment. The price topped at 131.5 on May 4, 2012 and began to plummet - going southward until June 15. That was incursion of the market into a bearish mode, as the price was weltered in bearish pressure. Further southward movement was rejected on June 15, 2012; at a low of 101. As the price started to essay to the upside.

You can see the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) period 14 and the Moving Average Divergence Convergence (MACD) on the POS chart. Technically, what we have now is a bullish Confirmation Pattern. The ADX line is winding its way up to the level of 60, which means that the trend is significant, while the signal line of the MACD has crossed the zero line to the upside, remaining positive. This underpins the northward rally that is currently the primary trend. This does not mean that the price cannot go on a short-term sale in the context of an uptrend (we still cannot predict a pullback in price prior to the time it takes place). Prices do not go in straight lines, and it is known that counter-trend moves could be deleterious to traders’ interests. Nonetheless, this would give unique opportunities for some traders to enter the market at better prices. This stock is trading at 123 at the time of writing this article. Sellers are laying ambuscade at the levels at 124.00 and 124.50, and the price is being supported at 122.50 and 122.00. This is a bull market and the value of its shares would increase if this scenario continues. Great return on investments would first start as negligible returns.

Conclusion: When trading, it is better to be objective rather than subjective. Albeit, the recent bear market on the Plexus Holding could have been painful to permabulls, it is better to be sure to carry out trading plans based on statistically significant sample of events, and not one painful experience. I would like to end this article with a quote from one of the greatest legendary stock market geniuses that have ever lived on this planet:

 “There is only one side to the… market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.” – Jesse Livermore

Azeez Mustapha

Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Trading Forecast on Gulf Keystone - GKP (July 23, 2012)

After roughly 5 months of perpetual bear market, the shares at GKP (Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited) have long started rising. This company, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company which operates in Iraq, is registered in Bermuda and was listed on AIM in 2004. It has a big number of investors, and as a result of a number of factors, the stock is volatile.

Now let us see what is happening technically.

Technical Forecast: A Rally Is Here
The GKP stock went up nicely at the beginning of the year 2012, went above 400 and topped in February and began to nosedive around the middle of that month. The bearish trend continued until June 29, 2012. On the price chart, you would see that the EMA 21 (Exponential Moving Average) was sloping downwards within this period. The best strategies that could have been used during that period are the ones that allow market speculators to go short in the falling market. Yes, a short-seller would have made a fortune.

While the price was falling, the Stochastic stayed very long in the oversold territory (which was the level below 20), especially in the month of June when the price went to a low of 139.25. In most cases, when the Stochastic stays too long in an overbought or oversold territory before reversing, it signifies that the next price reversal in the price would be significant. This is exactly what has happened to this stock. You can see that after some protracted movement around the Stochastic level 20 (plus often along the level 0), the price eventually rallied and began to go up. The rally started on June 29, 2012. It first looked as if this was a false breakout, since there might be some countertrend movement against the primary trend - only for the price to blend again with the latter. Please look at the chart.

On July 3, the price crossed the EMA 21 to the upside, a development that showed that this northward journey could continue. The price has been trading above the EMA since then. At the time of writing this forecast, the stock was trading at 214.25 level. The next resistance level is 215.50 and if this is broken to the upside, the price could go on to the level at 215.00. Note that the Stochastic has already gone to the oversold territory (above the level 80), trying to head down. No wonder the price is trying to consolidate lower, because the bears are currently in a cut-throat struggle against the bulls. Today has been bearish, yet any potential rally in the days to come could signify the supremacy of buyers. There are demand zones at price levels of 210.00, 200.50 and 200.00. These levels could resist any bearish threat (except there are bad fundamentals from the blue).

Conclusion: As far as the markets are concerned, price is king. Successful market wizards thus prefer to go along the flow of the market; not against it. Active traders could decide to go short, go long or stay out of the markets, depending on what the markets are doing now. The GSK stock is currently a financial Cave of Adullam, as buyers are now hopeful; wishing they could take back their pride as it was in the beginning of this year.

As I am fond of doing, I would like to end this article with the quote below:

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” - William Shakespeare

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Monthly Market Updates on Exotic Crosses (July 2012)

A very conservative position sizing strategy can generate great results. For instance, you could risk ¼% equity per trade and generate something like a 60% return in a year through the effects of consistent results and compounding.” – Ken Long

Last month, prices broke previous highs in an uptrend, whereas falling instruments broke previous lows. This makes it appear that no kind of bias can last forever, and this kind of velocity could be stalled during market equilibrium. Analyzing with indicators apart, trading biases are vividly seen on the charts. This is a good way to recognize trends. When prices trade apart in negatively correlated markets, they emphasize what indicators also signal. Based on the happenings of some chart patterns, an uptrend possibility is made available (for instance, a market plunges while the indicator on the chart points up). These kinds of patterns show that the plunge in the price may be short-lived as this may occur around great demand or supply zones. Besides, some hidden patterns are just what they are – hidden patterns. These are what underline the validity of a trend and proffer a great probability of a good trading signal. It’s known that a form of analysis in which indicators rise portend the bulls’ supremacy and bullish pressure pertaining to the kind of timeframe used. When a form of analysis in which indicators plunge on a chart, it portends overall bearish bias in the kind of timeframe used.

Below is the summary of some of my trading forecasts this month:

Primary trend: Bullish
This pair rose by more than 600 pips in the month of June. We are still very much in the bullish bias – though it’s not uncommon for the price to pull back to some support zones, and therefore giving excellent opportunities for buyers to go long. With the ADX 20 and the MACD currently showing a Converging Pattern, this propensity may be grounding to halt since the ADX itself is below the level 30.

Primary trend: Bullish
This cross rose in the most past of the last month – something that has continued till the time of writing this article. We have a Converging Pattern as well on the Daily chart (The ADX line is below the level 30 as the MACD signal line has crossed its zero line to the upside, staying there). It is likely that this propensity would continue, especially if the Yen shows more weakness.

Primary trend: Bearish
Since the beginning of June 2012, this exotic cross has fallen by more than 900 pips; a great bearish trend indeed! No doubt, the EUR still continues to be weakened against the NZD as we have some Confirmation Pattern. The ADX 20 is showing a strong trend and currently above the level 45 (–D1 is below +DI), and the MACD is clearly bearish. I would like to go short at an appropriate price.

Primary trend: Bearish
The price development on this market has not been very much interesting – especially in the recent times. However, the trend last month was bearish (but slightly). From the monthly high of 1.3031 the price reached a low of 1.2742: a mere 280 pips (approximately). The price has continued to fall this month as the price is becoming gradually weaker. We have a Divergence Pattern on the chart and this could just be the beginning.

Primary trend: Bearish
Although the Aussie was generally weakened against the Kiwi last month, the price movement remains sluggish and undecided. Last month, the price reached the level at 1.2661 and has been rising gradually since then; but this could be a trap. The ADX line is below the level 30 (the MACD is still showing some weakness in the markets). Even the ADX +DI and –DI has been undecided, as the price seems to be rallying (albeit weakly). It’s better to stay out of this market now.

Primary trend: Bullish
This cross has been a kind of difficult to predict in recent times, owing to the manipulation going on the CHF itself. Strictly speaking the last month was bullish; but not that much. The price velocity was below 300 pips last month, and in this month, the price has been indecisive so far. We have a Converging Pattern right now and the price may stubbornly move up a little bit before finding the next turning level.

Conclusion: While we assume our trading stance for this month, we would do well to remember some costs that can be incurred while trading. For instance, accurately calculating price slippage, spreads and other speculation-related expenses may seem to be a challenge for most trader, especially when using some trading software. In most cases, we would be better off if we think of our trades in terms of pips and percentage returns or drawdowns – rather than in terms of deposit or base currencies. Nonetheless, in the course of their long-term career, many traders have become aware of this challenge and can tackle it with some touch of professionalism. We would also need to pay attention to the fundamental figures coming out the world over. These figures are only ignored at our own risk.

As it’s my habit, his article is ended by the helpful quotes below:

“The typical novice trader thinks that part of successful trading is actually pulling the trigger as often as possible. They usually believe that the more they trade, the more they make, which in reality couldn't be farther from the truth.”  – Sam Evans

“Keep in mind that events don't make you afraid. It is the interpretation of those events that makes you afraid. You are scared because you mentally believe that you are about to get hurt, there is no way out, and that there is nothing you can do. If you were to think instead, "I'm not going to get hurt, I have several alternatives I can pursue, and there is a lot I can do to get out of this," you wouldn't feel fearful at all.” – Joe Ross

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If you want to receive permanently free winning Forex trading signals, please send me an email titled: “A Request for Free Trading Signals.”

NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.