Thursday, November 26, 2020

You can now comment on PredictMag trades

You can now comment on PredictMag trades

We have long put a feature that enables our users to comment on trades on the website. You can now comment, reply to comments, and react to your favorite trades. This makes your activity on the website more interesting and lively. We welcome comments that comply with the terms of use.


This is how much PredictMag users are making

We have also enabled a Leaderboard feature on the website, which enables visitors to see how much users are making on the website. You will see the questions they choose, their answers, the amount they invest in each trade, and how much they make in return (plus the results of their predictions). There is a maximum amount that can be staked on each trade. This will give you an insight into how easy it is for our users to make money on the platform. Please go here to see for yourself: 


Mr. Fortune Teller to begin weekly signals services

Our genius made 3 mad predictions last week. Our initial aim was for him to make predictions only 4 times per annum. Nonetheless, some of our users sent email to us that they need his predictions on a regular basis. This time around, it is not going to be about politics only, but about trades that have very high winning probabilities. It is going to be on a weekly basis and it will be free, enabling those who are not good at predictions to make money on our platform. More information coming out next week.


Last chance to make money from our quarterly predictions

Our genius made the predictions of the last quarter of this year, and you can take advantage of them now. After November 30, you won’t be able to trade them again. We repeat the trades here for your information. This is the last chance.



Will Benjamin Netanyahu remain Israeli Prime Minister till the end of Thursday, December 31, 2020?

Answer: Yes > Categories > International Events



Will Kim Jong-un still be North Korea leader by the end of Thursday, December 31, 2020?

Answer: Yes > Categories > International Events


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bad news for those who own this stock

Reabold Resources Plc. stock (LSE:RBD) is currently making investors sad. People cannot be happy when the value of their investment is plummeting in their faces. The bearish trend that started recently has really become significant.


Price began going down in October 2020, and that has become serious as price dropped massively as a result of panic selling. The ADX period 14 is around the level 20, which shows there is much room for the momentum to even increase, supporting the current selling pressure in the market. DM- is above DM+ (bears hegemony).


MACD default parameters, has both its signal lines and histogram below the zero line. There is a Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market – further weakness is envisaged. The last candle in the chart is a massive bearish candle, and RBD might eventually reach the accumulation territories at 0.35, 0.25 and 0.15 within the next several months.


That is bad news for those who own RBD.



Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


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Remote Monitored Systems price: RMS going southwards again?

Remote Monitored Systems Plc. shares (LSE:RMS) have started going southwards again, following the recent bullish attempt, which proved abortive. The bearish movement may become more serious as price plays itself out.


From June to September 2020, price was in a strong base, consolidating tightly, before the massive bullish breakout in October 2020. Price became very volatile as bulls and bears got engaged in a maniacal battle. Recently there has been a noticeable bearish threat in the market, which started after the high of 6.50 was tested.

Price is currently hovering above the EMA 21, and would most likely breach it to the downside. The William’s % Range period 20 is going towards the oversold region, and it is expected to fall below the level -80.


The possibility of RMS going further southward is greater than its possibility of going northwards.  The support zones to be, hopefully, reached are 2.50, 2.00 and 1.50 before the middle of 2021.



Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


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Friday, November 20, 2020

Mr. Fortune Teller from PredictMag: Q4 predictions

Hi everyone. My name is Mr. Fortune Teller (the Soothsayer). I work for as a pro forecaster and I was recently hired. Please note that my name has been changed to protect my privacy.


The company was monitoring my predictions before they struck a deal with me. They even gave me a final test before hiring – I should predict the outcome of the 2020 US presidential elections. I predicted Joe Biden would win, and my prediction came true. I was hired.


There’s no easy job under heaven. Some people don’t even like you because of the job you’re doing. For example, social media is full of people who like to comment on and criticize everything happening around them; but once you disagree with them, they begin to insult you. Can’t you see? They think they’re sane enough to judge others but they are totally intolerant.


When I predicted online that Joe Biden would win, it didn’t go well with Trump supporters. I received death threats. One Trump supporter even blurted: “If I catch that Mr. Fortune Teller.... If I ever lay my hands on him. I swear; I will kill him.”


I’m politically neutral and I neither support nor work for any political parties. I simply predict based on past experiences, facts gathered, trends, and research. All of my predictions you will see will be political predictions.


Yes, the trades on PredictMag are based on long-term predictions, and I’m even blown off by the fact that nearly all users are making money on that platform, unless you don’t have any intelligence or wisdom at all. Because the website is still new, many people are not yet using it, and they keep losing money somewhere else. They didn’t realize how easy it is to make money using the platform. Our users are making money easily. For proof of that, please go to the Leaderboard area of the website.


Accurate predictions for Quarter 4, 2020.

As I said, all my predictions are political and because of the insane accuracy that follows them, I would be sending messages like this only 4 times per year (every 3 months). I can guarantee you that you will make money if you follow them.


If you stake money on these 3 predictions and you didn’t make money on at least, 2 out of 3, send a message to the company with your registered email address plus the screenshot of your loss, and your loss will be refunded. That is a promise.


However, I’m sure you will make money on all the 3 trades. So enjoy your coming profits.



Will Benjamin Netanyahu remain Israeli Prime Minister till the end of Thursday, December 31, 2020?


Answer: Yes



Will Kim Jong-un still be North Korea leader by the end of Thursday, December 31, 2020?


Answer: Yes



Will Nicolás Maduro remain in office at the end of 2020?


Answer: Yes


The 3 trades above will be closed at the end of November 2020, and you won’t be able to predict them after that. So, complete your registration now or top up your account on to invest in the trades. Make money at the end of the year when most people would be broke already.


Yes, the management introduced me as a madman, because they were short of adjectives to qualify me. Until next year, this is...


Mr. Fortune Teller (the Soothsayer)




Thursday, November 12, 2020

PredictMag hires a mad forecaster

 Biden’s supporters make money on PredictMag

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr’s supporters have made money on, as Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election. Some users also made money by predicting the range of percentage of votes Biden would gain.


PredictMag hires a mad forecaster – make money from his predictions has hired a market forecaster, whose job is to forecast the some pivotal events, with over 90% accuracy.


This is very interesting because we have observed the insane accuracy this man has achieved in the past. We gave him one task before we hired him: Forecast the winner of the US 2020 presidential elections. He chose Joe Biden and he was correct.


Occasionally, he would be sending his forecasts to you through this newsletter and we guarantee you that if you follow his forecasts, you will make money from them.


The bad news is that his forecasts would be made public only once per quarter. That is, one time in every 3 months because the accuracy of those forecasts is too stunning.  He would only choose a few or several markets and tell you his answers. If you follow those answers, you will make money.


For security reasons, we won’t reveal his real name, and as a result of that, he has adopted an alias, which is “Mr. Fortune Teller (the Soothsayer).  Get ready for his forecasts for the last quarter of the year, to be released next week.



Why NETELLER is scarce (exposed)

The scarcity of Neteller has been really remarkable this year as demand for it has gone through the roof. There is no doubt that this e-currency is popular among traders, bettors, and businessmen.


The reason behind the scarcity is that people fund with Neteller more than they withdraw. Period. If traders withdraw more than they fund, the story would be different and there wouldn’t be scarcity, because that would mean the supply of Neteller is higher than demand. However, the reverse is the case.


Most traders lose more money than they make

There are many rich brokers, but there are not many rich traders. The reality of trading is that people pump more money into trading than they withdraw. Traders fund their portfolios, lose the money, fund again, and lose the money. The more they lose, the more they think they’d found a strategy that would enable them to make money.


They would fund the account again and eventually experience huge drawdowns or margin calls. They may change brokers or strategies, yet they fund more.


That doesn’t mean that there are no traders who make more money than they pump into trading; but the percentage of profitable traders is very small when compared to the percentage of traders who make average gains that are smaller than average losses.


Most of our sellers are traders and bettors, and we have supply only when they withdraw their Neteller. So, if most of them cannot withdraw, owing to unfavorable market conditions, then there would be scarcity.


I recently found that the best trader on eToro made less than 30% per annum. Trading is hard... Otherwise many people would be rich if it were easy. If trading were easy, the market would not even exist. Although we found an edge with our BO strategy and we average 10% per month.


Call a solemn assembly

Please think about this. What is your trading result for this year? Are you profitable?

Did you make more money than you deposited this year? Did you deposit a total of 10,000 USD to make an additional 3000 USD; or did you deposit a total of 10,000 USD to lose up to 8,000 USD.


Do you like your trading result this year? Can you continue like this? What do you expect next year? Aren’t you going to take control and take charge?


PredictMag comes to the rescue

The biggest reason why we started PredictMag is to make it easier for people to make money from the markets, events, and programs. Those who use the website can testify to that truth. All our users have been able to withdraw money and nearly all have withdrawn more than they deposited.


Yes, PredictMag users are enjoying easy profits. The money you deposited on PredictMag isn’t the company’s money. It is your money and the profits you make are yours (apart from measures to check abuse of the platform and money laundering). We only cut 2% of your withdrawals so that we would be able to meet the costs of serving you.


If you want your trading results to change for the better and withdraw more and more money than you deposit, then consider



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Monday, November 9, 2020

Novacyt s.a. price analysis: NCYT sustains a massive loss as bearish journey begins

Novacyt s.a. shares (LSE:NCYT) have experienced a massive loss, which happens to be its biggest single day loss in recent times. From June 2020 to October 2020 the market rose commendably, only to nosedive, erasing most the gains it saw in October 2020.


Price ripped through the lower Trendline and stays far below it, forcing a bearish bias to begin. The RSI period 14 has moved below the level 50, going close to the level 40 (which may also be broken to the downside). The market would eventually become much oversold as price remains under selling pressure.


The current bearish outlook on the market would remain as long as the RSI does not go to the overbought region and price itself does not go above the upper Trendline – although it may temporarily stay between the upper and lower Trendlines.


The next targets for NCYT are 600.00, 500.00 and 400.00, which would be attainted within the next several months.





Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


Teach Yourself Technical Analysis: Teach Yourself 

Monthly Value Forecast for Gulf Keystone – November 2020

Gulf Keystone stock (LSE:GKP) remains largely bearish, but there has been an ongoing bullish effort to rally. The bad fundamentals coming out of the oil industry have not been helping matters at all.


The market has been quite choppy and bearish in the last several months. This month, bulls are struggling really hard to push price upwards, despite all the odds against them. 4 EMAs are used for this analysis and they are EMAs 10, 20, 50, and 200. The color that represents each EMA is shown on the top left part of the chart.


All the EMAs are generally bearish, but price is trying hard to break the topmost EMA to the upside, and to stay above it. This feat will be achieved within the next several weeks, as the market has formed a base, and it looks as though it has nowhere to go except to the upside.


As far as GKP is concerned, we are looking for more favorable outcomes for bulls, which may take price towards the resistance levels at 80.00, 85.00 and eventually 90.00.



Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


Teach Yourself Technical Analysis: Teach Yourself 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Meet our latest NETELLER VIP

His name is Ayodele Ayodeji Emmanuel.


Although we choose our new VIPs in the early part of this year, we have to announce this great man, whose name is above. As rotten as this country is, because of corruption, which is also in the blood and DNA of those who are criticizing governments, there are still honest Nigerians.


In other aspects, we may not be able to compete against others, but the name of Itu Global has been proven to be synonymous with honesty. Yes, honesty pays more than dishonesty, especially in the long term.


Dishonest people may seem smarter in the short-term, but then in the end, they turn out to be idiots.


Isaiah 3:10 says: “Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their labor.”


On the other hand, Jeremiah 17:11 says: “Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay, are those who gain riches by unjust means. When their lives are half gone, their riches will desert them, and in the end, they will prove to be fools.”


Many people don’t know our office and they send lots of cash and e-currencies to us, and we fulfill their orders. We don’t disappoint them and we don’t break their hearts. We are even famous for returning cash to customers if we don’t have want they want to buy.


If you think there is no way to succeed except to steal from others, causing pains to people, betraying those who trust you, and destroying people’s lives. Continue doing it.


If you think you can make money through honest and legitimate human endeavors, continue doing it.

There is a reward for everything you do in life.


Ayodele Ayodeji Emmanuel has proven to be an honest person, and he has become our VIP. We now have 20 VIPs in total.



Every calendar year, we choose 2 customers to become our VIPs. They have permanently special status with us and they can fund/withdraw Neteller through us, at parallel market rates, whether they open brokerage accounts through us or not.


These are people who funded with the highest amount of Neteller, and who also withdrew the highest amount of Neteller through us.  They would be announced in January each year and added to our list of VIPs. Their status is permanent.

To see our current rates, please visit


To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit:


Is PredictMag about Gambling?

Q: Is this website about gambling?

Nope. We do not offer lottery, casino or gambling services . Our website is all about games of knowledge, not games of chance. You take a trade only on what you feel, has very high probabilities of wining, based on what you know. With us, you do not risk N3000 to win N3,000,000 just like gambling. You do not predict blindly, but you predict based on the knowledge you are sure you have and you win between 50% and 100% of each of your stake. You cannot win more than 100% for any of your options. Please see our video tutorial for more information. Gambling is when you think you can turn 5 USD to 10,000 USD; whereas trading is about going for small, but consistent profits.  

Monday, November 2, 2020

Tern Plc price analysis: TERN experiences a strong bullish breakout

Tern Plc shares (LSE:TERN) have experienced a serious bullish breakout, and this is just the beginning of a long-term bullish movement. Price was trending downwards from June 2020, almost to the end of October 2020.


However, there has been a significant bullish breakout at the end of October – something that is expected to continue for a considerable amount of time. The ADX period 14 is around the level 20, and the DMI+ is far above the DM-. It shows that while a rise in momentum is expected, the market is already taken over by bulls.


MACD default parameters, has its signal lines crossing the zero line to the upside, and histogram is already above the zero line.


This is the beginning of what is expected to be a long-term bullish journey.  The next resistance levels to be reached by TERN are 14.00, 15.00 and 16.00.

Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


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Just in: A prominent stock has collapsed!

Optibiotix Health Plc stock (LSE:OPTI) has collapsed again and it is going further and further downwards. Price has tested another great demand level and it may even reach another all-time lows.


In the last several months, the stock has swung high and low. Currently, it is collapsing, after trending higher in early October 2020. It has now gone below the EMA 21, trending further downwards.


The Williams’ % Range period 20 is already in the oversold situation. The means, while the market may make rally attempts in future, the bearish pressure will remain for some time. Price will continue going downwards, towards the demand levels at 35.00, 30.00 and 25.00.


Those is the next targets for OPTI, for the next several months.


Azeez Mustapha


Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach


Teach Yourself Technical Analysis: Teach Yourself 





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