Sunday, April 5, 2020


There are numerous experts who have deep knowledge about markets dynamics and functions, but who cannot translate that knowledge to lasting success as traders.

There are too many so-called gurus out there who’re targeting clients and investors. They would either offer to train you how to trade, offer you trading signals, sell a trading software to you or help you manage money.

These “gurus” often show you screenshots of their trades and want you to believe that they can always beat the markets, and make you rich if you invest with them or if you buy their trading products. In almost all cases, these people are not as good as you think.

If they could really make money, they might not need to convince you to patronize them… Although I’m aware there are real professionals who genuinely want to help struggling traders out there, especially through education. Some of these world-class trading educators are my mentors as well.

Common Nonsense Posted by “Gurus”
This nonsense are images and screenshots posted by those who want to show you how much profit they have made in a trading session or day.

The problems are:
Images and screenshots can be designed to fool people.

Even when they’re real, the images are only what they want you to see. They won’t show you what they don’t want you to see. The images have been cherry-picked so that you think they make money overall.

What is a profitable strategy?
A profitable strategy is the one that makes average losses which are smaller than average winnings, in the long run.

Thus: A losing strategy is the strategy that makes average losers that are bigger than average winners in the long.

As you can see, both good and bad strategies will make profits and losses… But what makes the difference is that the losses must be kept small enough so that you come with a profit in the long run.

Most of the gurus that post account histories screenshots for you to see are only posting what they want you to see. When there is a losing streak (which every trading method under heaven must experience occasionally), they won’t show you the screenshots for that.

They continue doing this intermittently and occasionally, to the extent that some rookies and unsuccessful traders are convinced that they’ve seen a solution to their challenges.

When they do training, they still lose after practicing on their own.
When they follow signals, they still lose in the end.
When they buy their trading systems, they lose money eventually.
When they give money to gurus to trade, they gurus end up losing the money.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be occasional profits and winning streaks… However, they will eventually face severe drawdowns or margin calls.

When this happens, most affected investors and trainees would not come online to tell people their experience so that they wouldn’t be blamed for being stupid. Likewise, none of the “gurus” will come online to tell you that they just blew people’s monies. They won’t tell you that they suffered losses. What they’d do is to send screenshots of the new methods they’re trying and fool people, while looking for another victim.

To cut the story short: Don’t believe anyone who tells you they’re good traders. The person may be currently enjoying a winning streak, which won’t last.

Who Is a Good Trader?
Who is really a good trader?

He/she is not a person that makes the biggest profits…Even in the short-term. They’re the ones that can withstand heavy uncertainties in the markets, keep trading capital safe and make money in the long-run. They make money, suffer drawdown, recover the losses eventually, and then go ahead, no matter how long it takes. Good traders are known in the long-term, not in the short-term.

There are so many seminars, so many webinars and too many trading methods and services that promise to revolutionize your trading experience. At last, it’s all fake. Those who have attended these events can testify to that.


This is written in block letters because that’s what this article is all about.

There is a friend who told me about an EA, which was making lots of money. I saw the screenshots and I was blown away. However, I told them that, before I could buy the EA, I’d need a demo account with investor’s password to monitor that account for 4 months. The request was granted, and I monitored the demo account. The EA made nice profits, but within 3 months, the account received a margin call.

I asked the vendor if he saw that. He only tendered apologies. If it was real money that got burnt; what would follow was only apology.

If I didn’t have access to that demo account; neither the vendor nor the friend would tell me anything about the margin call. But because I was monitoring the account, they had nothing to hide.

There are only 2 ways to recognize a winning trader:

A “guru’ must give you access to his live account or demo account (most preferably a demo account with a broker whose demo accounts don’t expire if traded constantly).

You request for the login details of the account, with an investor’s password (not a master password). With an investor’s password, you can only see live trades and account history. You cannot do anything else.

Then, let the guru trade the account for at least, 4 months. Or better, let him give you access to a trading account or demo account that he’s actively managed for at least, 6 months.

As a scalper, he must have placed at least 1000 trades in the last 6 months
As a day trader, he must have placed at least 500 trades in the last 6 months.
As a swing trader, he must have placed at least 100 trades in the last 6 months.
Most FX traders don’t do position trading.

If the above conditions are not met, you’re being invited into a fool’s paradise. An account that is 5 years old, but with only a few trades, cannot be used a litmus test.

Are 4 or 6 months too long?

Please ask yourself this: What have you gained in your many years of being an impatient trader and looking for ways to get rich quickly? NOTHING!

Wouldn’t you rather be patient enough to discover a winning method that will give you permanent success in the markets? Some people have been trading for 15 years and they have nothing to show for it.

After at least 4 or 6 months of monitoring, you can then make a decision for yourself.

RED signals:
Even if the “guru” is currently making money. These are the warning signs that he cannot last very long trading this particular account, no matter the amount of profits he currently makes:

1.      Overtrading. Opening too many positions at a time or having too many open positions. 
2.      Big position sizes, like 0.1, 0.2 even 0.05 lots for each 1000 USD
3.      No stop loss

All the 3 points above are a recipe for financial disasters.

If a guru cannot give you limited access to a demo account or a live account they trade, please ignore any rubbish they tell you or show you. Even on a live account, if a drawdown is due to withdrawals of profits, you’ll see it yourself.

Giving investors limited access to accounts you manage is a great way to market yourself.

Option 2:
If a guru cannot give you any access to his/her demo or live account, then they can sign up and input their demo or live account on This is even more preferable as the link to that account can be given to people to see, plus all the necessary stats of the account. Here, people can see how your account is performing.

Many vendors/marketers won’t want to follow this recommendation. Please protect yourself by ignoring the nonsense (images of winning trades) some “gurus” post online; otherwise do business with them at your own peril.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020


Our binary options strategy doesn’t need any introduction again. This is one thing that has been helping us for years in these hard times.

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Some of March results are attached with this email. You should have seen the results of previous months also.

This is better and simpler easier than Forex, (I have 13 years of experience as a full time Forex trade and 6 years of experience with Binary Options). 

Yes this is easy…. We shared 32% profits with our investors in Quarter 1, 2020. We risk only 2% per trade and stake about 4% per day in total. If we risked 4% per trade, then we’d make 64% in 3 months and if we risked 8% per day, we’d make 128% in 3 months.

But we prefer to stick to 2% risk and an average of 4% risk per day, to keep things rational.

30% of 200 USD is small, but can you imagine 30% of 10 million USD? You get the gist. We go for small and consistent profits, not home runs. And we have started compounding our profits as well, to improve performances.

Forex is really becoming less preferable when compared to BO: this Binary Options strategy works, as you can see it yourself. There is no losing month. Even losing weeks are becoming very rare because our accuracy from Monday to Thursday is 65% and the accuracy on Fridays is around 80%.

The minimum you can invest with us 100 USD and you do that in hundreds of dollars only. Certain investors like to start with a small amount and after sometime, they increase their capital base once they see good results.

Profits-Sharing Frequency
We’ve decided to let certain investors withdraw their profits on monthly basis. Sharing profits on a quarterly basis would be optional, and doing so on monthly basis would also be optional. Some clients like short-term profits and some like long-term profits.

However, we’ll only advise those who invests with less than 1,000 USD to withdraw on a quarterly basis. If you get 5% on 100 USD, would that be interesting to you? Whereas if you get 5% of 100,000 USD, that would make some sense.

Likewise, getting 15% in a quarter may be more meaningful. These are conservative figures: The real profits should be more than this is in reality.

Getting Our Binary Options strategy
If you would rather want to purchase this simple strategy and trade it yourself and keep all the profits for yourself only. Then contact us for a one-time fee.

Note: In coming 2 articles, we’ll tell you why we prefer BO to FX and why most FX brokers don’t want to offer BO.

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Annual Forecast for FTSE 250 – 2020

FTSE 250 stock (FTSE MCX) has had one of its hardest fall in recent times. The market is trying to go upwards but it is too early to go long right now.

From November 2019 to February 2020, price trudged upwards. However, there was a massive collapse in March, following a bearish run that started in February. All the gains the FTSE
 had in the past several years disappeared in a matter of a few weeks!

Price nearly reached the accumulation territory at 12000, and then bounced upwards, after leaving huge amount of fatalities in its trail. In spite of the short-term bullish effort, price remains below the EMA 21. The Williams’ % Range period 20 is also pointing upwards.

However, once price crosses above the EMA 21 on the daily chart, closing above it, that would be a clear bullish signal. By that time, the Williams” % Range would have reached the overbought territory.

From now going forwards, the outlook for MCX is bullish for the rest of the year.

Azeez Mustapha

Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach

Trading realities: Trading realities

Annual Forecast for Tesla – 2020

 Tesla Inc. shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) have been going downwards in what would rather be called a jumpy and erratic manner. The signal for the market remains bearish.

The ADX period 14 is round the level 30, which means that the momentum in the market is great. The DM+ is below the DM-, which means bears are reigning. The MACD default parameters, has both its signal lines and histogram below the zero line. There is a Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market, and opportunities to sell rally attempts ought to be sought.

As long as the DM+ is below the DM- (ADX) and the MACD signal lines and histogram are below the zero line, the trend would be down.

The outlook on TSLA remains bearish for this year.

Azeez Mustapha

Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach

Trading realities: Trading realities 

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