Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Expression of Gratitude



This article would be my last article this year. Although there is a backlog of articles to be posted, I’ve decided to stop posting articles until the early part of January 2011. This doesn’t mean that I’d stop trading or sending signals to my subscribers. I’ll be attending to my subscribers. I’ll continue trying to make sure that my subscribers receive very good care. And I’d like to say this to my subscribers: “You’re really doing a good job making effort to follow my recommendations. Please keep it up. You’ll likely feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’d assisted someone in a practical way. It’s a great experience to do what’s right and share your knowledge with others. Happy is the one acting with consideration toward those who need it.

From the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul, I’d like to express my profound gratitude to the administrators, analysts, instructors, and trading signals providers at FX Instructor, LLC; all the members of staff at, the administrator at, the administrators and staff members at; the administrator at, and the administrator at I thank you all for hosting some or all my past articles on your website. You’re all an unusual blessing to the world of trading!

I’ve asserted that the markets aren’t predicable. Someone who predicts a market may discard a failed forecast as an exception, while a correct forecast would strengthen their preconceived notion. I believe my past articles have helped someone out there, and I’m feeling elated for this reason.

With the world economy in the state that it is, it is essential for many traders to generate income from their trading activities. Trading is a world where money makes money: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Yet you need to be conscious of risk and apply appropriate risk management measures while trading. You should avoid taking uncalculated risks on the market, because discretion is the better part of valor. Time and again, I emphasize that trading account may degenerate fast during unfavorable market conditions if the position sizing is too high. By ignoring the value of risk management, a significant percentage of traders would continue to lose just as they’ve in the past. Nonetheless, if you condition your mind to do the right things when trading, the markets can’t conquer you.

This is Xmas season. If you’re a Christian, you need to cogitate deeply about the significance of this season and adjust your life accordingly – where necessary. This shouldn’t be a season of the exploitation of others, neither should it be a season to get drunk, commit traffic offences and be awarded a rash of tickets, or get into more debt. I wish you a merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year in advance.

Announcement: With stupendous humility, I consider myself a competent trader. If you’ve been following my Sunday articles, you’d have read about my GBPJPYUSDCAD Hedging Strategy, which makes money in all market conditions. If you’re using a reliable broker who’s not NFA-regulated, then you can take an advantage of the strategy by obtaining my login details below. This ensures that you see how I place trades, manage risk, and close trades. You’ll see my live stops and exit targets. It’s a great way of trading just like me and surviving on the markets. You’d be very happy that you have access to my trading activities.

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The login and investor’s password have already been forwarded to my trainees and subscribers. Subscribing to my free trial is like going on a course in trading that someone else (the market) pays for.

This article is ended with the quotes below:

  1. “…The most important aspect… in trading is to follow your plan and rules explicitly, not whether or not you make a profit. The profits… will come consistently as a function of mastering the process of rule-based protocols and aiming to remain self-aware while skill-building.” – Dr. Woody Johnson [Italics mine]

  1. “Confidence is important when trading… The less the risk, the greater the chance of success.” – Ryan Like

  1. “The financial markets rarely act in a manner that the average person on the street thinks are going to act… How many times have you seen an economic report get released and markets react in the opposite manner than you expected? …Nonetheless, the point is, we as traders need to have an edge over the competition and sometimes we need to be quick on the trigger and have the courage to step out and do something which the general public would find foolish.” – Eric Waddell

Your questions and opinions are highly welcome.

Thank you.

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NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.

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