Friday, July 26, 2013


Calculator for Proposal

About 13 years ago when GSM technology was very new in my country, only the rich could afford to buy GSM mobile phones and recharge cards. Anyone in possession of it was viewed with a lot of respect. Girls particularly wouldn’t consider you for a relationship if you had no GSM phone. So boys tended to try to assume any forms of guises to impress girls.

There was a young man who loved to win girls by assuming to be a personage. He took something like an attractive handset out in the midst of 4 beautiful girls and started making fake calls.

“Hallo!” He shouted. “Is that Dublin? Please could I talk to Mr. Johnson Micawber? Good afternoon Mr. Micawber. Yes, have you effected the purchase of that duplex? Okay, I’ll send the remaining balance by check to you. Thanks.”

The beautiful girls had started to think of giving him a chance. He dialed another fake number.

“Hallo! I am Mr. Okoro, the son of High Chief Raymond Soofo. Is that the Canadian Ministry of International Trade? Just to assure you that I’ll soon send $1.5 million by wire transfer to you so that you could start that importation arrangement.  Thanks and bye.”

The girls were determined to have him – for financial comfort and international connection. The boy made another sham call.

“Hallo! Could I talk to Japanese Prime Minister, please. My name is…” But before he could continue, his younger brother just emerged, not knowing what was going on, and talked to him directly in the presence of the girls.

“Good afternoon, brother. Our mom instructed me to take the calculator that’s in your hands.”

Watch out for next…

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