Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dedicate Yourself to Trading Success


“Trade as professionally as you can.” – Mebane Faber

Successful trading is possible, but it requires dedication. You need to commit yourself to learning how to be the best trader you can be. Commit yourself to learning risk control and sound money management methods. Commit yourself to learning how to trade with peace of mind, irrespective of the market conditions.  For you to make profits personally, you need to invest your time and money. Without this it’s impossible to make profits. Trading always costs something.

As you probably agree, and based on your experience, making money in the markets is sometimes easy and it’s sometimes difficult. When things are hard, dedicated traders minimize their losses and gain an insight that makes them become better traders. When things are easy, dedicated traders know that it’s normal and expected. It’s novices that would be extremely joyous when things are easy, only to give up when things become hard. 

Many times we look back for a few years on what we thought of as a flop, we see that our determination was leading us step by step. We mayn’t have jumped from ‘beginning’ to ‘end’ in one attempt, but our determination was pushing us ahead. The wrong steps we took during our formative years in trading weren’t a curse – they were blessings!

We would like you to benefit from trading. We’re seriously interested in helping others to be the best traders they can be. We want you to be happy as a trader. You would’ve to stop the trading styles that don’t help your account and seek winning standards that ensure permanent victory. The decisions you make right now will definitely affect your future career. It’s better to make small profits and losses and be happy than make big profits and losses and end up being miserable. You can speculate consistently in the markets with peace of mind, knowing that your risk is always under control.

We want you to walk in the paths that lead to trading success, especially those that ensure permanent success. We want you to improve yourself. We want you to experience peace and happiness in your trading career – permanently. Do you want to live in the part of triumphant traders? Our regular contact with fellow experts strengthens our heart and determination to be successful. We too appreciate the notes and lessons we receive from experts. Don’t keep this message to yourself. Share it with others as soon as you can!

This article is concluded with the quote below:

“Realize that it can take a long time to become a successful trader, just as it can take long to become successful in any other business. You need time to build your trading skills. You need time to acquire experience in the market. Experience and skill ensure that, over the long term, you will become consistently profitable.” – Joe Ross (Source:

Eye-opening trading lessons: Lessons from Expert Traders

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