Thursday, January 1, 2015

Victoria Grimsley: A World Trading Champion


“The markets don’t care about your background, your gender or your age. It’s one of the only platforms in the world that offers you a limitless stage to refine your art.” - Louise Bedford 

Victoria Grimsley is a dancer, singer and actress in Loss Angeles, California, USA. She’s also a successful trader who won the Robbins Trading World Cup Championships in 2013, thus making her a world trading champion. She won that contest by generating an annual return of 160% (net profits), thus receiving the trophy. Each year, contestants register with a minimum of $10,000 and trade it for one year. A man named Song Li (American-Chinese) came second with an annual return of 119%; while another man named Rene Wolfram (Germany) came third with an annual return of 53%.

Victoria is raising two young boys. 

What can we learn from Victoria?

  1. Woman, never underestimate your right to become a trader, including your limitless potential to become financially free.  Victoria isn’t the first woman to win the Robbins Trading World Cup Championships – she’s the second woman to win that title. Michelle Williams was the first woman to win the title in 1997. Michelle is a daughter of Larry Williams (a super trader that will soon be featured in an article in this series). It’s very sad that some people still underestimate women when it comes to online trading. It’s unfair to underestimate women in the trading world because there’s no level of achievement that can’t be attained by them. In fact, women, like Victoria Grimsley and other female traders, have been a blessing to the trading world. In addition, they’re a source of inspiration and encouragement to us.

  1. Based on the quote at the end of this article, it’s clear that Victoria is very passionate about trading. Successful traders have highly developed skills, and a strong drive for mastery and discipline. Good trading approaches need to be followed religiously, without irrational discretion. You need to do this so as to be successful too.

  1. Contrary to what some critics say, technical indicators work in the markets. Although it doesn’t work always, just like the strategies advocated by the critics. Victoria uses MAs, candlesticks, Parabolic SAR and other analytical tools, which she decided to adopt after years of testing. These are the analytical tools that she used to win the contest – evidence that they work!

  1. Victoria is a trend follower. She looks for a dominant bias and follows it for as long as it’s intact. You don’t need to go against the dominant bias in an effort to prove that your strategy is correct. The markets don’t have mercy on foolish traders.

  1. Being busy with other activities and professions shouldn’t necessarily preclude you from trading. Victoria is an active dancer, actress, singer, mother, etc., but she’s still able to trade successfully, balancing everything. Indeed, what you’re currently doing shouldn’t preclude you from accessing the riches the markets proffer. You can combine trading with other activities and still live a balanced life.

  1. Contrary to what the public believe, successful trading isn’t fictitious: it’s real. It’s real people that open real trades in the markets and they make real profits. 

  1. In trading championships as well as individual trading, high risk isn’t advisable. In trading contests like Robbins Trading World Cup Championships, a typical participant may make 500% returns over a short period of time, only to drop far behind, or even receive a margin call. Those who target several hundreds of percentage returns very fast won’t definitely last long in the markets.

Conclusion: We believe it’s possible to make profits in the markets, and that can be done consistently on annual basis. What you don’t believe, you don’t get empowered to become.  We don’t care what causes the beginning of a long-term bias in a market. What matters is that we profit from the bias, without knowing why the bull and the bear take their positions. Many people make money from long-term biases, and certain people lose; but a determined trader will not quit.  If a horse throws off a determined rider, she or he will mount it again.

This article is ended with a quote from Victoria:

“I love to do things that keep my creative juices flowing, and I believe trading has a lot of creativity in it. I am 100% devoted to trading.”

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