Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Winners of Our N100,000 Cash Prizes

Registration/Verification for NETELLER Business: Winners of N100,000 Cash Prizes

Hello Traders:

Thank you for registering and getting verified on

People began to register as soon as the email notice went out. Not everybody who registered got verified, and reasons are these:

1.      Wrong documents formats uploaded (we accept only JPEG and PDF formats).

2.      Incomplete documents. We need your passport photo and any government-issued ID. If you send only one of these two, you cannot get verified.

3.      Documents that have poor resolution or which are unclear.

4.      You cannot respond to the Neteller account/email you registered because it’s not your email.

5.      You entered fake or incorrect information (This would result in banning you from using our services).

Those who haven’t been verified have been contacted and advised on what they need to do.

OUR WINNERS (N20,000 X 5):
Meanwhile, these are our winners:

Winner 1:
Name: Ugoji E.
Bank: GTBank
Neteller account: eug…
Reward: N20,000

Winner 2:
Name: Oladipupo J.
Bank: Access Bank
Neteller account: dej…
Reward: N20,000

Winner 3:
Name: Margaret C.
Bank: Access Bank
Neteller account: mas…
Reward: N20,000

Winner 4:
Name: Aminu D.
Bank: GTBank
Neteller account: ta9…
Reward: N20,000

Winner 5:
Name: Ajala F.
Bank: Diamond Bank
Neteller account: afa…
Reward: N20,000

NB: The winners were chosen in the order in which they got verified, not in the other in which they registered. All the winners above were paid on Monday – May 22, 2017.

We apologize to our winners who may be offended by the publication of some of their info. We just had to do it, and that’s why we didn’t reveal your full names, full Neteller accounts and we did not publicize your bank account numbers.

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