Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Technical Reviews for Gold, Silver and Bitcoin (August 2017)

Dominant Bias: Bullish
Gold went downwards in June, but went upwards in July, thus recovering some of the losses sustained in June. In July, a low of 1204.53 was reached, while a high of 1270.63 was also reached – showing bull’s supremacy. The bullish effort that was made last month has resulted in a bullish bias, which is supposed to continue this month. Gold may target the resistance levels at 1270.00, 1275.00 and 1280.00. These are initial targets, which might be exceeded as price goes northwards in slow and steady manner. 

Dominant Bias: Bullish
Silver plummeted in June and early July, reaching a low of 14.3553. The low was reached as a result of a flash crash that was experienced in the first week of July, which was quickly recovered as price bounced seriously upwards, closing the month on a bullish note. There is now a Bullish Confirmation Pattern on Silver, which signals further bullish effort in August. The next targets are located at the supply levels at 17.0000, 17.5000 and 18.0000, which would require a very strong buying pressure to exceed. 

Dominant Bias: Bullish
Bitcoin is both volatile and choppy (though the overall bias on the market is bullish). There was a serious bearish movement in the first half of July, which culminated in a gap-down. That threatened the bullish bias, but the second half of the month saw an agreeable recovery as price went upwards by roughly 100,000 pips from the low of the month. This has helped emphasize the recent bullish outlook on the market, which is expected to continue in August. The distribution territories at 2900.00, 2950.00 and possibly, 3000.00 are being aimed. However, there is a probability of a pullback as price approaches the distribution territory at 3000.00, which is an important territory. 

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