Sunday, January 5, 2020

Psychological Problems 1 – Binary Options

Problems with Binary Options Traders

 Before recent results of our Binary Options strategy are released, we need to iterate important issues affecting BO (Binary Options) traders and those who are interested in it.

There is no perfect strategy and there won’t be one. Anyone who says trading is easy is telling a lie.

With BO, if you win 5 trades and you lose 5 trades, you still lose, because your stakes are usually bigger than your winners. So you need at least, 70% accuracy, to stay ahead.

We said we have a BO strategy that wins in the FX markets, but it comes with strict rules. If you don’t follow the rules, the strategy may not work for you.

The users of our strategy are sharing great testimonies… However…

Certain people who bought our BO strategy will eventually fail to follow the recommendations set therein. Some will obey the rules for some time, and later shift gears. Some will mix our strategy with their own trading ideas or other trading methods given to them somewhere, and then they won’t know which method is making money for them or which method is losing money.

Who takes the blame in the end? WE, the seller of the strategy. People are fond of looking for someone to blame for the result of their own doing. That’s why it’s difficult for most to make progress. They don’t see themselves as a factor in their own fate.

Our BO strategy does have losing days and losing weeks. But we should not have a losing month.

When the strategy loses in a day or a week, the trader stops using it and starts looking for another perfect system (but there is no perfect system out there).

As a result of inevitable loss, which is temporary anyway, many users will not take additional trades based on the strategy, and the trades they fail to take may be their next winners.

Can you now see why we say there are psychological issues with our BO traders? What about those who even risk too much per trade, when all we recommend is 1% per trade? Isn’t it better to go for small but consistent profits, rather than home runs?

What are we going to do with our BO strategy? We sell the strategy in an easy-to-use format, to those who’re interested in it. We will also start managing funds for those who’re interested in that, using the strategy.

More info coming soon…

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