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Clarifying Your Issues – Part 4


“Excellent traders are always keeping score: they want to know what they’ve done right or wrong, and what’s making and losing them money. They are always working on themselves and their trading. I’ve met far too many “breakeven” traders who, upon inspection, have been losing money consistently. It’s not that they’re lying; they simply don’t want to know the truth. Thus, they avoid it. It is simply too painful to look at the money and opportunities lost.” - Brett N. Steenbarger


In this part of the series of articles bearing the topic above, I’d like to answer some questions from my potential and existing subscribers, hoping to throw more light on what I offer and the right attitude towards trading. I think this could benefit you also.

1. Why did you cancel your offer of one-month free trial? – J. G.

Answer: Most signal providers offer only two-week or one-week free trial while some offer none. Few trading signals providers would offer 1-month free trial. I used to offer one-month free trial; something that was long and generous enough. However, in an effort to provide better services and ensure that serious-minded subscribers eventually get what they rightly deserve, the free trial was cancelled. Whether there’s a free trial or not, whether the trial lasts only a day or a year, those who’d sign up for it would do that: those who wouldn’t would not. Whether one charges $1 or $1000 per month for a signals service, those who’d sign up would do that, those who wouldn’t would not.

2. Could the monthly price be reduced? – P. B.

Answer: The monthly charge is one of the lowest prices for trading signals; even if we make a thousand pips in a month. Upon subscribing, you get some rebate in the price for the first month, and then you subsequently pay the normal fee on monthly basis. The price is competitive (some signals providers charge hundreds of dollars per month). A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better services. There are strategies that are used to provide signals and more are coming, since there’s an ongoing effort to achieve even better trading results. I’m convinced that my subscribers would enjoy greater trading results in future, so why should the price be reduced? Rather than wasting time by sending ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals thru email and/or IM, I now give my subscribers access to my trading accounts. I only notify them when I’m placing new trades or exiting them. They’d simply need to do the same things like me – setting Stops and targets and existing at opportune times. Past trades results are seen in real time, and there’s no possibility for falsification of results.

3. Can I be greatly satisfied with the trading results in one month? Can we get good results always? – K. A.

Answer: I can say that we’ll always survive on the markets (thanks to risk management), but I can’t say that we’ll win all our trades. My trading signals services aren’t suitable for someone with fallacious views and unrealistic expectations. Successful trading isn’t for someone who has a wrong mindset or fails to bring themselves into harmony with trading principles that work, neither is it possible for them to enjoy long-term survival on the markets without enough patience to stick to their entry and exit rules no matter what. Why do I coach people and provide trading signals? I’d be very glad to show people how to survive regardless of the uncertainties on the markets, rather than how to get rich quickly. You could only start making money after you stop losing it. The best soccer team in the world can never win all their matches. Top traders have good years and bad years, good months and bad months, and good weeks and bad weeks. My signals come from swing trading strategies (one even have rare set-ups that don’t come up every week), so one-month results aren’t enough to make conclusions about the validity of a strategy. My existing subscribers can testify that I’m able to keep trading portfolios safe. With this achievement, it’ll always be possible for us to move ahead as we do.

4. Couldn’t you ever show me how to trade just like you? – S. C.

Answer: Once again, my trainees are coached to trade like me, plus my subscribers also enjoy that as well. How? Instead of giving them signals thru the Sure-fire strategy, I showed them how to do that on their own (with no additional costs). Very soon, they’d learn how to make analyses just like I do in my Weekly Trading Update articles (at no additional costs), and this doesn’t preclude them for benefiting from my trading activities from the accounts on which I use GBPJPYUSDCAD Hedging system and Gap Trading system (and they’d also benefit from coming strategies). I preach effective money management and risk management methods in my articles, but my clients see first-hand how I apply them in my own trading. The secret to survival lies in risk control – not in any trading system on earth.

Dr. Brett, quoted above, say further that trading the financial markets is among the most challenging of human endeavors. At its best, trading is a celebration of the human mind's capacity to master complexity. Rarely does any single activity so reward individual initiative and the exercise of the reasoning mind. And yet, financial rewards are only part of the allure of trading. In mastering the markets, we are called upon to exercise extraordinary self-mastery. Like any noble undertaking, such as art, science, or athletics, trading is a means of self-development, fostering the ability to act intentionally, in the service of one's training and ideals.

This year is full of wonderful trading opportunities and I’ve already told my clients that our objectives shall be met. It only takes time and patience to wait for the opportunities that the markets would occasionally throw at us. If you find it difficult to survive on the markets, you might consider my trading signals services. You’d be treated like an individual, not a number. Why should you continue to suffer from the uncertainties of the markets or languish in silence? You might want to join me on my journey to consistent survival on the markets at:

NB: An article about effective gap trading in Forex is also coming next Sunday (but only my clients have access to the account on which it’s being traded).

This article is ended with more quotes from Brett N. Steenbarger:

1. “Knowledge and practice—and especially the direct experience of knowledge-in-practice—are the keys to the acquisition of expertise.”

2. In every performance field, the development and maintenance of expertise requires a high ratio of time spent in practice relative to time spent in actual performance.”

3. “The trading computer does not have good days and bad days—only profitable ones and unprofitable ones. Human traders can perform poorly even if they make money, and they can have good days even when they’re in the red. That is because performance is a function of the chosen actions of performers, the correctness of those choices, and the skill with which the actions are carried out. Once an element of discretion enters into trading, it becomes a performance activity: one in which outcomes are dependent upon the choices of the performer.”

Your questions and opinions are highly welcome.

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NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.

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