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The Fastest Way To Become A Successful Trader

“Of course it’s even better for you to have professional support, i.e. a mentor who’s by your side ready to advise you and ideally monitor your risk management.” – Will de Lucy


Some traders are taught how to trade and get rich, whereas some are taught how to keep their accounts safe permanently: the former end up losing and the latter end up surviving, thus moving ahead. Dan Zanger once said that it may take 4 – 6 years for an average individual to become a consistently successful trader. It may even take some people longer than that. However there are exceptions in some cases. Certain traders have been able to speed up their learning curve and survived it (though I acknowledge that one’s learning curve can’t be repealed).

When I started out as a trader, I was determined to be one of the best traders in the world. I knew that reaching my trading goal would definitely bring about the attainment of other goals. I’ve thrown myself onto the battlefield of the financial markets. Whenever I felt daunted by occasional losses and uncertainties of the markets, I would tell myself that I entered this profession in order to be a permanent winner and that I must continue going somehow. As I continue my journey towards my goal, I’d like to be known as an advocate of risk management; one of the most important ingredients for trading success. I’d like to remain competent ever, being merciless in the market as the market is merciless to me. As my expertise grows, I can survive any ups and downs the market throws at me.

Risk management makes a world of difference. A wise risk manager doesn’t think, How can I double this account every month? He/she thinks, How can I keep this account safe despite the unpredictability of the markets? What’s the position sizing and other safe risk control parameters which I must consider while trading? This is the essence of risk control. Some people take years to discover just a portion of what I constantly reveal in my articles. Dr. Van says that every trader travels a journey towards mastery. If they are disciplined and committed, they will follow the journey where ever and for however long it may take them. This journey is often taken without a guide, even though the same questions, fears and lessons present themselves to traders year in and year out. Yes, it could take many, many years to become a great trader on your own.

One sure way of fast-tracking your success is to have access to trading accounts that are managed by those who’ve been constantly surviving on the markets. You’d then see how they trade and manage their open positions; provided you’re disciplined enough to follow their position sizing recommendations and entries and exits. My trading signals service is intended for several types of traders including: (1) those that don’t have time to do their own detailed analyses, (2) those that haven’t been successful with their own analysis techniques (3) those who wish to use the trading signals as a starting point for their own further analysis.

Trading success isn’t the birthright of some select few. Trading success is possible for me; trading success is possible for you. Trading success is possible for those who need it, and for those who’re currently losing. It’s possible for those who’ve given up trading, and for those who’re yet to start trading. The message is clear: trading success is possible for everyone.

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This article is thus ended with quote from Dr. Woody Johnson:

1. In fact, if you are not getting the results that you know you are capable of, it might be time for you to find a role model or a mentor to guide and support you in developing your "A" Game.”

2. “The only difference between you and great achievers is that they put forth a disciplined effort.”

3. “Strategies must not only be identified in your mechanical data (information that is directly or indirectly related to the markets), strategies must also be identified in your internal data (thoughts, emotions and behavior, which are often unconscious) for how to manage and focus on what matters most in the trade.

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NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.

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