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A Debt of Gratitude


"Don’t think a good idea or concept when shared will lose its effect, because in reality what happens is that most aspiring traders might hear them and see them, but will not value them. [...] When it comes to mastering anything it’s true that there aren’t any secret hidden ways of doing it, you just have to do it well enough until it becomes natural." - Gonçalo Moreira


Compliments of the seasons!

This year is gradually coming to an end. In this year, many articles had been written and may clients and readers had received timely professional help. Many lives had been transformed. Many long and short positions had been opened and closed. Many profits and losses were experienced victoriously. Remarkable progress was made in spite of permanent uncertainties and risk was controlled effectively. I’m very much thankful.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t have done it without help, support and kindness of the companies mentioned below. For allowing all or some of my articles to be posted on their websites, I owe them a debt of gratitude. My profound appreciation goes to the staff and administrators at the prestigious; the staff and administrators at (the legendary TRADERS’ magazine); the staff and administrators at; the staff and administrators at; the staff and administrators at; the staff and administrators at; the staff and administrators at; the staff and administrators at; and the staff and administrators at These professionally sedulous people are a tremendous blessing to the world of trading.

A different note: As from the next year, I’ll start posting articles titled: ‘Unlock the Power of Everlasting Triumph in the Markets (Parts 1 - 12).’ It’s going to be one article per month. Each part of the articles in the series would come out during the last weekend of each month. If you wanted to know the secret of a successful marriage, would you learn the secret from newlyweds - someone whose marriage is only 2 weeks old or 5 months old? Would you even prefer to learn the secret from those whose marriage is only a few years old? Wouldn’t you rather learn the real secret from those who’ve celebrated their sliver, golden, even diamond jubilees? Would you lean the secret of trading success from those who just started trading or those who only have a few years of experience? Would you learn the secret from those who claim to have much trading knowledge, but lack long-term positive results to prove their knowledge? Wouldn’t you rather learn from those who have 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 years of trading experience? There are many consistently successful traders out there. Decades ago, they started trading, and they’re still in the business. How have they survived the unpredictability of the markets constantly and triumphantly while others crashed? What’s their secret? Wouldn’t you want to learn their secret? You got to learn from someone who’s already where you want to be.

You may ask your siblings, friends, spouse and acquaintances to come and learn this secret. This isn’t an appeal to come and start trading Forex, but an invitation to come and know the real truth about trading. They need to learn how to differentiate between trading myths and facts; for trading myths have infected the human society. After all, trading is nothing more than control over one’s own person. Trading is no game, no lottery, and isn’t gambling. It’s about risking one’s own capital and using it as efficiently as possible in the markets. You couldn’t plan to be successful if trading were a pure lottery. If trading were all fun, a concrete plan would be unnecessary.

Buying and selling happens in waves. There are many adverse events that could thwart trading plans. World events may strongly influence market decisions. Despite what happens in the future, it's interesting to see how trading can be simple at times. The price seems to rise and fall like waves, and if you buy and sell at the right time, you can make an easy, tidy profit. But you need to use safety measures while trading. If you can get fit psychologically for trading, then you have a huge advantage against traders all over the world. Bottom line: expect less and be pleasantly rewarded with more. Going all in rally or sale isn’t such a great idea anyway (when a nice setup is seen). Getting rich slowly is probably the best blueprint. It’s not unusual for us to think we can get away with doing something wrong in trading. This isn’t the case. It isn’t courage that makes a man fight a leopard with an axe; it’s ignorance. It’s wisdom that makes us have rational fear. Wise men catch the leopard with a trap.

.Also, the team at would be pleased to help you learn the principles that work in trading and how to apply them to your own trading style. Doing so, you’ll avoid unpleasant experiences and enjoy the benefits the markets offer. Please take advantage of their offers and services.

This article is concluded with the quotes below:

“For us, trading is the best job in the world. There’s nothing more exciting than the markets. Every day we spend hours making trading decisions, continuing our training and enhancing our performance. Trading allows us to take liberties which few other jobs can offer. You can make thousands of dollars every day, from anywhere in the world, need no employees, and are your own boss. You can determine yourself what your working hours are. It’s a creative and intellectually challenging type of work. Everyone can try his hand at the market and go on to become a super trader. You can make money when the real world economy poses major challenges to the labor market.” – Phillipp Schroeder

“However, we also know that being a consistently profitable trader isn’t easy. Trading can cause the budding trader to go bankrupt. The most dangerous thing that can knock you out in trading is an inappropriately large position size. It only takes a single uncontrolled trade to kill the dream of making big money. Nobody says that trading is simple. Many beginners lose money in the first few years. You can find many gurus writing books suggesting for some reason that you can make money working only a few hours a week by trading the market. We’ll tell you this: Yes, you can make a fortune – but you’ve to work hard for it. Probably a lot harder than you imagined.” – Valentin Rossiwall

NB: Please watch out for my coming articles with these titles: ‘A Trader’s Trick Entry Technique,’ ‘Making Money out of Losses – A Blessing in Disguise,’ ‘Achieve a Better Hit Rate with Gap Trading (Using the Logic Yourself),’ ‘Play the Markets Victoriously with Nano-cent Accounts,’ ‘Why It’s Difficult to Do the Right Things in the Markets,’ ‘How to Identify a Sideways Market – Be Safe!’ ‘A Negative Expectancy System – Pushing Against the Wind?’ ‘Trading Signals,’ ‘An Intraday Moves Catcher – A Wealth Generating System,’ ‘Unlock the Power of Everlasting Triumph in the Markets (Parts 1 - 12),’ ‘How to Handle Uncertainties in the Markets,’ ‘The Issue of Stops (Come Back! Oh Come Back!),’ ‘A Hedge Funds Strategy,’ ‘My Hedge Funds Strategy Update,’ ‘Experiment with Different Exit Tactics,’ ‘Mastering the Market Equilibrium Zones – A Time-sensitive Method,’ ‘How I Apply Risk Management – Part 3,’ ‘A Simple Positive Expectancy System – Trading Effortlessly,’ ‘Testimonies from My Subscribers (2),’ ‘Resist the Lure of High Risk – Part 4’ ‘Worst-case Scenarios – Facts Are Sacred,’ ‘Effective Swing Trading in Forex,’ ‘Gap Trading Revisited,’ ‘3 Recent Gap Trades,’ ‘Developing the Right Attitude towards Losses – Part 4 (Losses Aren’t Abnormal) ,’ ‘The True Holy Grail – The Long Sought for,’ ‘Forex Trading Vocabulary,’ ‘ Clarifying Some Issues – Part 6,’ ‘Navigating Turbulent Markets – A Double Timeframe Analysis,’ ‘Before You Open that Trade,’ ‘Cogent Trading Biases,’ ‘Overview of My Signals Strategies – Can You Become a Super Trader?’ ‘The Cost of Discipline,’ ‘Monthly Market Review,’ ‘Uncertainty Has Become My Ally – An Interview with a Dogged Market Speculator,’ ‘2 Examples of the USDCAD Hedging Trades,’ ‘I Can’t Express How Grateful I’m to You!’ ‘Annual Trading Update (2011) – The Big Picture,’ ‘What We’ve Decided to Do in the Markets,’ ‘Annual Trading Results (2011) – I Was Perfecting My Trading Skill,’ ‘2012 – Another Year of Victory in the Markets,’ ‘Monthly Trading Report (December 2011),’ etc.

Your questions and opinions are highly welcome.

Thank you.

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