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Testimonies from My Subscribers, Trainees, and Readers


“If there is any illusion or subjective information in your quest for truth, truth will never be found.” – Sam Seiden

“Control is the essence of good trading. You can’t control the markets, but you can control your actions… Therefore, the first thing a trader needs to do is learn some working methods to make them work, not make money. Failing to do this may result in some lucky wins in the beginning, but the market takes it all back and much more in the end.” - Jea Yu


Lately I’ve been thinking how grateful I am that I had the privilege to become a trader. I don’t want to turn away for anything! When winds of change whip thru our trading career, we need to have a deeply rooted principled mindset. Below are some testimonies from my subscribers, trainees and readers. These show how some have benefited from my trading-related activities online. Only 10 testimonies are shown here because of limited time and space.

1. “Azeez, this is what I have been waiting for. I think... Oh my my my! I have just read it and set up my charts. I have such peace that it is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Do you know that I have already set up my financial goals for the next 5 years, but I was not sure how that was going to unfold. This is the vehicle that I can see taking me there slowly but surely. I want to say thank you so much and only God knows to what extent you touch lives. You yourself do not know. Please keep those articles coming. I always look forward to getting them. I have every mail you have sent me since I joined. They are such a great archive. Have a wonderful day my brother.” – S. M.

2. “My Master, I made over 1600 pips this week – thus growing my capital by 16% this week.” – O. S.

3. “Wow! Great trade! Regards.” – E. S.

4. “Wow! These are beautiful results!” – K. W.

5.Hello Azeez. Yes I do like the Effective Swing Trading Strategy gift very much. I have been demo trading it and it has been quite successful. I also liked the “Another way of using the Williams %R Strategy” you sent previously but I prefer the Swing Trading more because I don't have to sit in front of my computer quite so much! Yes I have been watching with interest the USD/CAD Hedging and Gap Trading accounts… Getting back to the Swing Trading Strategy, prior to making contact with you I had been following someone else’s methods which I think are brilliant but without actually attending their courses. I found it very difficult to physically identify the Supply and Demand levels which would have enabled me to buy at wholesale and sell at retail prices, whereas your Swing Trading System does just exactly that. Using the Williams %R 80/20 makes it much easier for me to identify the real pullbacks as against the fake ones which would only give me false entries. So in summary, Sir, I am very, very happy with the material and articles you send to me, in fact I feel blessed and thankful that I discovered you. Many thanks and kind regards.” – C. W.

6. “Azeez, may the good Lord bless and keep you. I really appreciate all the help that comes my way via the emails, they are so precious and I hang onto them for inspiration... And this new strategy, this is me, I have already started using it and I can see how it is going to change my life. I am really a swing trader type. It resonates so well with me. Thank you again and greet all yours for us.” – A. M.

7. “I’ll forever thank you for giving me the Sure-fire strategy and the training I received. It has been working well for me since I started using it a long time ago. As a graduate living in a country where unemployment is a serious problem, I deeply understand the benefit of successful trading. I now live in a decent flat, and I’m planning to open my personal office very soon, where I’d be teaching people the trading secrets I know. I believe that the use of very small position sizes is critical to survival.” – E. R.

8. “I was fortunate that I did not start my Forex experience from a wrong place. I started with a great emphasis on risk management, and I am happy that I made rapid progress. My monthly salary is too small to support me and my 3 children, but the income I obtain from part-time Forex activities has been a good supplement for me.” – S.C.

9. “Hi. I just finished reading “Developing the Right Attitude towards Losses - Part 3.” I found it very informative and encouraging. I look forward to reading your coming articles.” – S. W.

10. “Reading your recent article "Monthly Market Review (August 2011)." I realized that I’m in the correct path to successful trading for a living! Much I’m learning and much I have to learn yet! Actually I’m managing to make more profits trading other instruments than the popular ones! I think in my case, popular crosses bring much information and correlations that make me confused sometimes. So I decided to trade them; with good results! Thanks Mr. Mustapha and hope you’re fine!” – E. V.

Permanent Success Is Possible in the Markets

Great traders don’t see the uncertainty before them as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity. You can’t stop the storm in the markets, but you can hold your ground.

There’s no uncertainty so dreadful, no challenge too great, no obstacle so insurmountable that you can’t carry yourself through it. Just keep everything simple. Those who think the secret lies in a complicated trading system alone may get a new trading system each year, but they may see that their quest for permanent success in the markets can prove fruitless.

We mayn’t know how to program an EA (something that mayn’t matter). But we must take care not to forget successful trading principles. Some traders tried to combining a good strategy with big lot sizes – but they found out that doesn’t work! Those who use high risk are looking for shortcuts to great riches. Shortcuts can be dangerous. Of course, such action isn’t acceptable to those who take the safety of their portfolios as a priority. High risk takers may achieve momentary happiness, whereas the peace of mind that risk management offers is a benefit that’s lasting. There’s an underlying peace that’ll withstand whatever the markets send to us. Risk managers know that using risk control principles always brings benefit. It’s generally better to safeguard one’s account with right position sizing than to remedy a big drawdown. Many a trader’s experience speaks to the foolproof truth of this concept.

Successful trading rules stand the test of time. I observe those who’ve been in trading and benefited by sound trading rules over decades. They stuck with it, while others faltered along the way. They’ve faced some trials and storm in the markets, but in those times, sound, safety rules helped them stay secure on their trading foundations. Successful trading rules have a way of allowing traders to look at hard circumstances and still anticipate a positive result. Dr. Van K. Tharp is an example of someone who’s maintained his fortitude and serenity in the markets, in spite of seemingly impossible circumstances. We want something that’ll stand the test of time! We’re not interested in the new and innovative rules that can’t bring permanent triumph in the markets; we want what’s proven to work. We want to be the best trader we can be, and we want other traders to be like that too.

Hope is good for us, and it’s something we all need. Likely you’ve faced times when you found yourself striving to put the most positive spin possible on a bad circumstance, or looking for the best outcome in a situation. That’s not to say we should be misguided. We don’t look at a circumstance and call it something it’s not. Rather, we want to look reality in the face and still keep optimistic perspective. Correct trading mindset has a way of allowing traders to look at a hard circumstance and still anticipate a positive result.

One can be a trader without being a permanent victor. But we want permanent victory! That’s the best, noblest aim. As we study successful trading rules and meditate on their meaning and application to our trading activities, we come to understand the markets better. The application of these rules isn’t just for hedge funds managers, institutional traders, signals strategists, and analysts. It’s for anyone who wants to enjoy permanent success in the markets and be a testimony to others. My articles are produced to help you develop your fortitude, and help you keep the strength you need to stand firm when the storms come your way in trading.

This article is concluded with quotes from Boris Schlossberg:

1. “Somehow in all other areas of our life we accept the fact that failure is just a normal part of the process. When it comes to trading however, we expect nothing but perfection. The reason is money. As human beings we are more than willing to sacrifice time and labor in our pursuit of creativity because we do not assign any clear monetary value to it. But the moment we lose a few pips on some new strategy we are ready to fold up out tent and go home. That’s a very big mistake. Most traders never get beyond the novice stage, not because they are not smart enough to figure out the market but because they are afraid to lose money. Dismayed and dispirited they quit before they ever get a chance to learn how to play the game.”

2. “Giving yourself the freedom to fail will ultimately put you on a path to success. You stop being afraid of the market and start taking the trades that you want. Paradoxically, since you know that this money “doesn’t count” you are actually much quicker to take a loss.”

NB: Please watch out for my coming articles with these titles: ‘A Trader’s Trick Entry Technique,’ ‘Making Money out of Losses – A Blessing in Disguise,’ ‘Achieve a Better Hit Rate with Gap Trading (Using the Logic Yourself),’ ‘Play the Markets Victoriously with Nano-cent Accounts,’ ‘Why It’s Difficult to Do the Right Things in the Markets,’ ‘How to Identify a Sideways Market – Be Safe!’ ‘A Negative Expectancy System – Pushing Against the Wind?’ ‘Trading Signals,’ ‘An Intraday Moves Catcher – A Wealth Generating System,’ ‘Unlock the Power of Everlasting Triumph in the Markets (Parts 1 - 12),’ ‘How to Handle Uncertainties in the Markets,’ ‘The Issue of Stops (Come Back! Oh Come Back!),’ ‘A Hedge Funds Strategy,’ ‘My Hedge Funds Strategy Update,’ ‘Experiment with Different Exit Tactics,’ ‘Mastering the Market Equilibrium Zones – A Time-sensitive Method,’ ‘How I Apply Risk Management – Part 3,’ ‘A Simple Positive Expectancy System – Trading Effortlessly,’ ‘Testimonies from My Subscribers (2),’ ‘Resist the Lure of High Risk – Part 4’ ‘Worst-case Scenarios – Facts Are Sacred,’ ‘Effective Swing Trading in Forex,’ ‘Gap Trading Revisited,’ ‘3 Recent Gap Trades,’ ‘Developing the Right Attitude towards Losses – Part 4 (Losses Aren’t Abnormal) ,’ ‘The True Holy Grail – The Long Sought for,’ ‘Forex Trading Vocabulary,’ ‘ Clarifying Some Issues – Part 6,’ ‘Navigating Turbulent Markets – A Double Timeframe Analysis,’ ‘Before You Open that Trade,’ ‘Cogent Trading Biases,’ ‘Overview of My Signals Strategies – Can You Become a Super Trader?’ ‘The Cost of Discipline,’ ‘Monthly Market Review,’ ‘Uncertainty Has Become My Ally – An Interview with a Dogged Market Speculator,’ ‘2 Examples of the USDCAD Hedging Trades,’ ‘Annual Trading Update (2011) – The Big Picture,’ ‘You Are a Blessing to the World of Trading - A Debt of Gratitude,’ ‘Annual Trading Results (2011) – I Was Perfecting My Trading Skill,’ ‘2012 – Another Year of Victory in the Markets,’ ‘Monthly Trading Report (December 2011),’ etc.

Your questions and opinions are highly welcome.

Thank you.

With best regards,

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NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.

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