Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mobile Streams: Hopeless Shares

 Mobile Streams shares (LSE:MOS) are hopeless at the present. Looking at the recent historical data, one would see that buy-and-hold investors are suffering in this market. The bulls are heavyhearted and would be advised to smooth their orders before the shares become brutally oversold; just as they were in June 2013.

Short trades would reap some gains because of the presence of the strong bears. Bears need to be present for short trades to reach positivity. You can never shave someone’s head when she/he isn’t around. Apart from the recent volatility that was prominent within the Trendlines, the price broke downwards and would possibly close below the Lower Trendline. The RSI period 14 is already below the level 50: the price could go protractedly southward, possibly reaching the accumulation territory at 60. Here, a good risk controller would not be bothered much this, even if they have open long orders.

Conclusion: When grappling with the uncertain markets, use minuscule lots sizes, use minuscule lot sizes. You simply need to use small lots. Should you do this, you would be able to stick to your trading rules. Any negativity you sustain after that would not be significant or threaten your general welfare. The negativity would be negligible and you would be able to find yourself being indifferent to it. It surprises me to see many people who risk too much when trading, and yet they are not expert traders. When you risk very small and follow your plan, the uncertainty in the market would be easier to bear.

Azeez Mustapha

Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach

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