Thursday, August 7, 2014

Maria Boyazny: An Influential Female Trader


“You need to be comfortable with the level of risk you are taking when you trade.” – Stuart McPhee

Maria Boyazny is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB Global Partners, which is based in New York. MB Global Partners is an asset management firm which focuses on the credit and special situations markets.

Maria earned a degree in Economics – with a concentration in Finance and minor in Mathematics (University of Pennsylvania). She later earned her MBA from Columbia University. She worked as a portfolio manager/managing director at Siguler Guff & Co. In addition, she’s authored some books, spoken at conferences, and also been a guest speaker at Fox Business, CNN, Bloomberg TV, etc.

Maria has taken part in many prestigious professional career and activities that distinguish her as a highly sought expert in the trading world. Her investment strategies are unique as well as effective. She makes consistent profits for her clients. Because of this, she’s been recognized as one of the top five most influential women in hedge funds, among other accolades. Her firm’s official website is:

Here are some of what you can learn from Maria Boyazny:

  1. The global markets are inefficient – in contrast to what some pundits believe. An individual trader/fund manager with decades of experience is a living testimony that the global capital markets are really inefficient.

  1. When you master the art of trading and the simple principles of everlasting success become your second nature, you’ll find yourself trading effortlessly and making money. Maria trades without flinching and with the quiet confidence of somebody who knows what she’s doing, what the markets are doing and how to take advantage of them. One person wrote that, for Maria, trading is as natural and effortless as breathing. She’s reached a level at which she can no longer be swayed by market noises or fear of the future. Professional traders have reached that stage and you can reach it too.

  1. Managing over $4,500,000,000 for her clients, Maria’s realized sizable returns for them. Because she’s able to do a simple thing: she makes consistent returns no matter what the markets are doing.  The markets that slice the gamblers up are the markets that bring great profits to the pros. It doesn’t matter whether the markets go up or down; what matters is that you can harness gains from them no matter where they go. It’s reported that many people lost their socks, shorts, shirts, sweats, homes, marriages and lives during the recent global financial crisis. However, astute traders like Maria identified this crisis early enough and make lots of money from it. You see, what brings loss for some is also what brings profit for others.  For traders who know what they’re doing, the trading business is really recession-proof.

  1. It’s crucial to know how to pinpoint good trade setups and how to exit your orders properly. Please look for ways to know when to enter and when to exit.

Conclusion: When we win, we mayn’t learn any lessons. But when we lose, we learn valuable lessons that potentially make us better traders. You see, Smart Money has effective trading/investment rules that give them ‘unfair’ advantage over many other traders.

This piece is ended with a quote from Maria Boyazny:

“Many of the liquid credit assets such as high yield, might have a bit of room to run but overall are overpriced and investors need a gradual exit plan.”

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