Tuesday, November 18, 2014

“Learn From the Generals of the Markets” – Almost Free Copies Now Available

In a recent interview in TRADERS’ magazine (November 2014), Ian Cassel says: “Always surround yourself with people that are better than you. Your friends have far greater influence over your future than you think. If you want to be successful, start hanging out with successful people. If you want a better marriage, hang out with other couples that have a great marriage. Your life will change for the better.”

How true is this statement! When you hang out with those who hate trading, those who’ve been floored by the markets and sworn not to have anything to do with the markets again, those who’re afraid of the challenges the markets offer, those whose job is to discourage you from attaining your goals in life, you can’t become successful in the markets.

We need to surround ourselves with successful traders or at least, read about them, plus the principles that can be learned from them. The 20 generals of the markets featured in this book below will inspire you and reveal the principles behind their success. You’ll do yourself a great favor when you buy the eBook; now at a giveaway price.

For a limited time only – just a few days – you’ve the opportunity to get the eBook version for 0.99 GBP, which is almost free. Here are the links:

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