Monday, November 30, 2015

Monthly Technical Reviews on Gold and Silver (December 2015)

Dominant Bias: Bearish
The Thanksgiving effect did not take place last week, as Gold generally moved sideways, without any significant drop. This effect has not taken place for 3 years in a row, though that does not mean it would not take place in November 2016. The dominant bias on the market is bearish, and price might journey further south, reaching the demand levels at 1040.00, 1030.00 and 1020.00. The bearish bias would continue to be valid as long as the supply levels at 1095.00 and 1110.00 are not breached to the upside. One thing must be noted, a significant rally is not ruled out in the month of December 2015.  

Dominant Bias: Bearish   
Normally, when the Thanksgiving rally did not take place on Gold, it would not take place on Silver either. Silver has been trading in a range since the last two weeks – all in the context of a strong downtrend. Further downwards movement is possible, enabling price to test the support levels at 13.5000, 13.2000 and 12.9000. Possibilities of rallies should not be downplayed, because bulls would also make determined effort to push the price upwards this month, but they would not succeed in bringing about a bullish trend on Silver unless the resistance levels at 14.9000 and 150.0000 are overcome. 

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