Monday, June 6, 2016

Monthly Forecasts for CFDs (June 2016)


Dominant bias: Bullish
This market is in a precarious situation. While the bias on it is bullish, bears are very active in it the present, and this has made short-term bearish signals to be generated on smaller timeframes like hourly and 4-hour charts (whereas the long-term signal is bullish). Unless price goes below the support lines at 5200.0 and 5100.0, it would be safe to look for ways to buy pullbacks in this market.

Dominant bias: Bullish
Since May 24, 2016, SPX500 has been trending upwards in a directional mode, though price has consolidated in the past few days. There is a “buy” signal in this market – it is expected that price would continue going upwards this month, reaching the resistance levels at 2120.0 and 2130.0. As long as price does not go below the support level at 2040.0, the “buy” signal would be rational.

Dominant bias: Bullish
Although the dominant bias on this CFD is bullish, it is a very weak one. The market needs to go further upward in order to clear the ambiguity surrounding it, otherwise, things can turn neutral. A movement above the distribution territory at 18000.0 would reinforce the existing bullish outlook, while a movement below the accumulation territory at 17430.0 would render the bullish outlook invalid, leading to a more conspicuous bearish presence.

Dominant bias: Bullish
In the context of an uptrend, GER30 moved downwards last week, going below the supply levels at 10200.0 and 10160.0. Further southward movement, especially towards the demand levels at 9900.0 and 9850.0, would result on a bearish outlook. Right now, it is expected that price would make attempt to rally, for those demand levels ought to serve as checks to bears’ threats.

Dominant bias: Bullish
Price has come down so far this month, but that is not yet significant enough to result in a Bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market. Bulls ought to push price north by at least, 1000 points this month. For a Bearish Confirmation Pattern not to form here, price needs to stop going south. Should price drop further by 500 points, long trades would no longer look logical here.

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