Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poem for Meta Trader

Poem for Meta Trader

You connect me to a marvelous world
Where profits are gathered not with words
You enable me to engage and play instruments
You’ve features for me! Ideas inspired into men!
If an instrument looks sexy,
You show it to me, not being pesky,
You couldn’t care less about a trader
You show facts as put by your makers
You’re firm. You’re detached. You’re cute. That isn’t lowly!
Price changes are what drive you
(And the mastery inherent isn’t for fools)
Though I can’t see tomorrow, I’ll make the most of now
To do my best, and manage best, I vow
So that I go in the path of market wizards
So that I remain safe when prices are gripped by blizzards
This is the most popular trading platform! The most used trading software!
This is the trader-friendly means. This is what’s put in the hardware!
(Please listen great traders… Would you suppose I might abandon a means that’s helped me get attention?)
Going back to Meta Trader… I’m relentless
So as not to be any time defenseless
Then concerning the calls… when they get to us
…Oh! How about open orders as if in a bus?
Trading isn’t about avoidance of losses?
Speculation isn’t about leaving bosses?
Now. Great. I’m aware of this. But I trade for a reason
You’re great. And I cherish you. And my portfolios. And the season
And likely I’ve fallen in love for a reason
The Meta Trader… looks dense… Yes that’s me
To speculate and arrange my orders as I see
I expect we realize our aims together
(This is the ultimate aim… but I bet I’m tethered
Perhaps I’m a trader who’s metamorphosed
To call trades, to close trades, I’m not forced
With the cutting-edge tool, I’m hooked)
Congrats! Meta Trader users.

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