Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Helpful Website for Serious Traders and Investors

“To become an exceptional trader, you may need to give up some things that don't really mean that much in your life to gain immense rewards.” – Louise Bedford


There is one website that’s great for pros and noobs. The website is It contains valuable information and features for those who want to approach the markets and benefit from them.  On the landing page, you’ll even see many of the features and services they offer. This enables you to monitor the price changes in the currency markets and keep yourself abreast of the latest information as long as the prices are concerned.

There are unique features that are offered by the website, a few of them are mentioned here:

Investment Books
One of the quickest ways to become successful in the markets is to tap from the trading/investing principles of successful traders. Navigating the ocean of the markets without knowledge that works can be catastrophic

Why it matters: By learning the principles and beliefs that have been employed by skilled traders, you would give yourself a solid foundation and a helpful start. This has helped me seriously, as well as many others; it would certainly help you.

Financial Newspaper
Get yourself educated and informed by world-class trading journalists. You will get free access to interesting news, reports and various articles that have to do with trading and investment. For example, there are sections that are dedicated to banks, oil and gas, mining, commodities, technical analysis, technology, penny stock, foreign exchange, etc.

Why it matters:  You simple can’t afford to miss latest news, tips and articles that matter to you, as far as your investment interests and portfolios are concerned.

More features
One of the most important qualities of a financial information website is customer support. At ADVFN, every subscriber is treated as an essential individual, not as a number. You can contact them and be rest assured that they’d respond to you as quickly as possible. Their online support staff are always happy to help with any issues or questions you may have. There’s availability of free membership, and you can start having access to major world markets, indices, forex, futures, options, ETFs, and warrants. There are features like, streaming charts, real-time quotes, monitor watch lists, etc. The website has an extremely active financial forum. Lastly, you can access stock data on iPhone, iPads and Android apps.

Conclusion: ADVFN is really a place to be. Play the markets and keep your risk under control. Clem Chambers says the best way to lose money in the market is to forget risk. Conversely, I’d say the best way to make money is to be aware of risk and manage it. If you’re afraid of risk, you may dread the art of speculation, negativity, or failing to take an advantage of a great trade. Paradoxically, your fear of risk or quest for perfectionism may end up being a disadvantage in your life.

This piece is ended with a food for thought below:

“Trading is a decision making process at its core foundation and requires us as market speculators to take responsibility for the choices we make to buy, sell and manage our risk.” – Sam Evans

Eye-opening trading lessons: Lessons from Expert Traders

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