Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vladimir Ribakov: A Winning Signals Strategist


“Most people don’t understand that they need a trading system if they are to make money in the markets. Most importantly, that system must fit you, your objectives, your psychology, and your beliefs, for you to be able to trade it effectively.” – Dr. Van K. Tharp

Vladimir Ribakov is a renowned expert trader, mentor, signals provider, blogger, author, trading software developer and funds manager. He’s his roots in the part of the world that used to be called USSR. For many years, he’s been handling the uncertainty in the currencies exchange markets and commodities markets victoriously. 

Having achieved success in trading, he decided to reach out to those who need help – those livid and exasperated souls who long to make gains from the markets. Most of these people were misled into adopting various suicide trading principles in the past, and they suffered as a result of this. Vlad has endeavored to assist some of those people in learning and applying winning trading principles and the results have been wonderful. Vlad’s websites are:, and: On those websites, you may want to tap into his peerless knowledge and experience. You can also access his trading signals, strategies, blog posts, eBooks, etc. All these are constantly updated.  He’s released some free but helpful trading software like Spread Detector and so on. Spread Detector helps you determine when your broker widens the spread unfairly or according to their terms and conditions. It also helps you see whether a broker really has fixed spreads if they promise that. 

One best way to learn from Vlad is to download his free eBooks that reveal important trading secrets. Those eBooks ought to come at a price, but the author really wants to help as many people as possible. His free eBooks are: “The Secret Meaning of Japanese Candlesticks Part 1,” “The Secret Meaning of Japanese Candlesticks Part 2,” “What Type of Traders Do You Want to Be?” “Psychological Trading and Money Management System,” and “Converting Knowledge Into Practice.” His premium eBooks are titled: “Sell the Rally, Buy the Valley” and “Profitable Trading Mind.”

The best way to learn from Vlad is to download his free eBooks and subscribe to his free trading signals. In addition, these are some of what you can learn from him:

1.      The easiest and the quickest way to become a successful trader is to follow a winning trader’s buy and sell recommendations – with physical stops, targets, trade management and risk control. One pitfall is that most people aren’t disciplined enough to follow the signal provider’s recommendations as originally intended. Yet, they blame the signals provider. This also explains why many people would purchase profitable trading strategies and still receive margin calls with them: the systems either don’t fit them or they don’t stick to the rules of the strategies.

2.      Vlad himself declares: “I constantly scan the web for new systems, strategies and Forex services. I have to admit, there is a lot of crap out there but still, I have managed to find here and there interesting systems that actually work nicely. Sometimes I even test how to integrate them with my strategies and tools, to dramatically improve system performance.” There are great trading strategies out there. Do you have a winning trading strategy? Vlad’s winning strategies are Divergence Trading Method, Forex LST System (LST stands for: Learn, Simulate, Trade), etc. You can learn how to use those strategies from him.

3.      Real winning traders should publish their genuine trading results. In the past, I mentioned some expert speculators who publish their tract records for people to see. There are many people who claim to know much about online trading, but when you ask them for their track records, they can’t show it. This is because they got know track records. They know much about trading, but they can’t make consistent gains. Vladimir is one of those rare breeds who make their track records public. This means that if you’ve followed his trading signals to the letter, you would’ve achieved the same results like him.

4.      However, you should know that good trading methods have winning and losing phases. The real thing is to have average winners that are much bigger than average losers over a long period of time. Personally, I’ve seen that a losing phase may hold out longer than an average trader expects. I can experience this phase for up to 4 months in a year, but I manage my risk effectively, avoiding large drawdowns, and still coming out ahead at the end of the year (no matter how small the positivity may be). There’s no way around this truth; you got to accept this or go do something else.

5.      Make your chart to be as simple as possible. It’s awful to see how many traders use complicated trading techniques (and in reality, complicated trading techniques don’t make more money than simple ones). The real secret to Holy Grail is in using a positive expectancy strategy and controlling yourself and your risk. Please clean up your chart, and make your life easy. Why should you put too many indicators, custom indicators, bots and semi-automated systems, only on one chart! Ah! You chart doesn’t need to look like Michelangelo’s paintings before you can become triumphant. Clean up your chart and keep things simple. KISS. 

6.      Some year ago, Vlad published an article titled “Brokers Horror Stories.” There are good brokers out there, and there are bad brokers. The kind of broker you choose will also play a big factor in your success or failure as a trader.  Good brokers make sure that their clients experience excellent services and customer support; and merely 1 or 2 disgruntled clients don’t really make them skunks (for no company is perfect). According to Vlad, some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a broker are: 1) Being authorized and regulated in the country where they have office, 2) Excellent customer support, 3) Competitive spreads, 4) Having been used and trusted by someone you know personally, 5) Meritorious awards, 6) Many accounts, funding and withdrawal options, 7) Being around for years, 8) Generous promos and so on.

Conclusion: Unsuccessful traders seek help because they lose consistently after approaching those who call themselves markets gurus. You can’t be a winning trader without learning what it takes to be a winning trader. Imagine starting your boxing career by challenging a world heavyweight champion. You know what the outcome will be, don’t you? Really, current heavyweight champions started somewhere; as they envied the heavyweight champions of those days. The trick in trading success is to practice winning trading methods over and over again, until it becomes your second nature, although no methods works 100% of the time.  Effective trading principles always work.

This article is ended by a quote from Vlad:

“Like love, trading is an international language.”

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