Friday, January 3, 2014

Reactions from Readers

“Everyone wants results without the struggle. We want success faster, more easily, and without the risk of failure. As a trader though, we know that we have to accept that this is an immature way of living.” – Louise Bedford

There have been reactions from readers of my past articles – whether here or somewhere else. This piece features those that sent me personal email. It shows that some have either appreciated or benefitted from the articles, especially the ones that reveal principles of success in the markets.

1.      “Thank you, Mustapha. It was very kind of you to write so wonderfully... And, I’m most happy… Trading is indeed a calling, but I also feel mightily called to help others, and to share what I know. Teaching is a calling as well. All the best…” – J. R. 

2.      “Hi Azeez, Thank you for writing a great article…. I appreciate the time you took to research everything. I can tell from reading it, and the way you wrote it that you really understand trading. Thank you!!! Regards.”  – A. K.

3.      “Azeez. Wow! I'm so impressed with your article! It's just wonderful. Thanks so much for that. You are a wonderful writer, and frankly, I'm very touched by your words…
            Best wishes and I do hope the markets treat you well. Cheers.” -  L. B.

4.      “Dear Azeez: Thank you so much for the article. Very nice write up...and I love the photo too… Regards…” - D. W.

5.      “Dear Mr. Azeez, I would like to congratulate you for sharing with us very valuable insights into the markets... Once again thanks for sharing the knowledge. Regards… Another knowledge sharer.” – T. D.

6.      “Your article in… August - worth reading, again and again.” – Anonymous

7.      “Dear Mr Mustapha, your article 'Keep your portfolio safe' has many gems of wisdom, worth reading again and again. Best Regards.”  - S. S.

8.      “Thank you for the mention in your excellent article…” – C. E. K.

9.      “Hi Azeez, I enjoyed your… article... Well done. I have implemented it on Ninja Trader. It's an excellent article… Kind Regards.” – M. F.

10.  “Thank you very much for you post and really moving presentation...” - E. T. 

11.  “Good morning and thank you for your very interesting article published on… September… Kind regards.” – G. L.

12.  “Dear Sir: I read with interest your article in… December… I really enjoyed this article. Thank you very much.” – J. C.

13.  “Mr. Mustapha, I recently read and enjoyed your article…” - K. L.

14.  “Good morning and thank you very much for your valuable article…” – G. L.

And the list could go on…

Conclusion: For years I’ve been striving to help others to be the best traders they can be. One good way of doing this is to write articles that reveal the principles that can guarantee one’s success in the markets. Better articles are coming on this website, written by me and my other colleagues who work tirelessly to bring out the best trading knowledge for the benefits of our readers.

If you’re passionate about trading success, I‘d like to recommend TRADERS’ magazine to you. It comes free of charge and you can get invaluable trading information from it on monthly basis. Just go to the link at the end of the quote below (an excerpt from the magazine), and you’d be able to register for past and coming editions – at no cost. 

“I picked up unhealthy habits of telling people what they want to hear, and most fatally developed a need to be right, which was only further fostered by that environment. Now, as a trend follower, knowing that I will have a low strike rate has all but removed that ‘need to be right.’ I don’t live from one trade to the next, each one is a tiny part of an overall process. I accept that there will be more losers than winners, and I can never know what each trade brings, so after a while you learn to treat them all the same with little emotion. Your only job then is to manage risk to ensure those losses remain small enough for the big winners to outweigh them monetarily.”  Jon Boorman (Source:

Azeez Mustapha

Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach

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