Saturday, August 13, 2016

Become Part of Our Happy Customers – Neteller Exchange

These are the reasons you may consider doing business with us:

Very fast payments: We fund you speedily. We even let you know once we pay you, before you get an alert from your financial institution.

Various means of contacts: You can reach us through WhatsApp, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Email and telephone. We are always available through any of these means. If one is not connecting, simply try another.

Personalized customer support: We treat each of our customer like an honorable individual, not just like a number.

Cheap Neteller rates: Our Buy rates are the cheapest in Nigeria, which means customers save money when they buy Neteller from us. Our Sell rate is also the highest, which means customer makes more money when they buy from us.

We believe reliability is key: We prefer not doing business with you to delaying your payment. We believe a good name is better than silver and gold.

Customers’ Experience

Here are what our customers say:  

“You are an honest company…. You made my day.” -  Chidi U.

“This is my first time using your services and it’s just a trial as I have been scammed by other E- exchangers. I must say I like your speed in crediting your clients account.” – Isaac O.   

Buy and sell Neteller here; get funded quickly:

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The default minimum deposit amounts are: $100 for Micro accounts, $500 for Pro-Managed accounts, and $2,000 for Pro accounts However, an optional "suggested deposit amount" parameter may be used.