Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Have you ever suffered a painful betrayal by someone you trusted?

What has been your most unexpected betrayal and what did you learn from it?

Some harsh language:

Way back, in my first year in High school, I was a freshman and probably the nerdiest girl around. Pale, braces, glasses, short hair…the works. I was swept by this boy who wanted to date me. Nothing serious at the time bc back then I didn’t think about it seriously. He was fun to be around and a hopeless romantic. He was also African American.

All my friends were happy for me, as so I thought…

I remember one evening after doing homework, a classmate texted me, “Are you ok…?” I replied, “yes, why?”

He told me that I better sign onto my MySpace account and AOL instant messaging as quickly as possible! I was incredibly embarrassed to find that my name was changed to Nigger-Lover. My profile was filled with dirty things like, “I love big black cocks”, “white bitch”…stuff like that.

I frantically tried to change everything back to normal. Deleting every demeaning word and image. After I calmed down, I asked my friends who would of done this?! One girl told me that my best friend hacked into my accounts. My best friend? But why? I confronted my friend, she told me that she would never do such a thing!

After some time, she admitted that she was the one who hacked my accounts. But she assured me that she did it as a joke. She wanted to be funny. But it wasn’t, at all. I lost a couple of friends bc they sided with her, saying that I really shouldn’t be dating a black.

For some weird reason, I thought people in my school were not racist. I was kinda naive to think that everyone got along well with every race. My school was filled with blacks, whites, latinos, indians, yellow, green, blue, whatever. I never had an issue with anyone and I never saw them as different. But I guess other kids did…

I learned that everyone (including family members and best friends) have demons that they hide. It’s so hard to trust people and I don’t think they know how much it hurts when they do break your trust. I still remember how disgusted and betrayed I was.

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