Thursday, September 29, 2016

You can now reach us on imo for Neteller transactions

 Dear Customer:

You can now reach us on imo app of Neteller transactions. This innovative smartphone app is much more preferable to Yahoo! Messenger and it’s free.

You can do voice calls, video calls, and IMs on it. You can contact on it, for your Neteller transactions.

We want you to note that, when communicating with us, we would appreciate it if you use voice calls and IMs only. If we need to communicate with you through imo, we would chat via IMs and/or do voice calls only. We would never use video calls to communicate with you.

This is business. If you try to reach us with a video call, we may not answer the call.

As you know, we BUY Neteller at the highest price and SELL at the lowest price in the country. In addition, when it comes to funding of your Naira or Neteller account, we do it faster than any exchanger in the country; unless there is technical problem, which is very rare.

Our imo number is: +234 (0)7018086790.

That is the number we also use for WhatsApp.

For further information on our other means of contacts, please visit:  

We are forever grateful for your patronage! 

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