Monday, December 26, 2016

What is the one sign you will be wealthy?

We all have different goals, but I think you will agree that most people want to gain material wealth. But few who do think deeply about how they will make it happen. So, do you know the one sign that you will be financially wealthy?


I mentioned on Quora a study I conducted myself, by interviewing millionaires around the physical location where I am planning on retiring. Here are some good hints:

You accept delayed gratification. You accept the fact you won’t be rich overnight.
You can’t accept to have money just sitting in the bank, i.e. not generating more more money.

You find yourself finding it awkward that your account manager does not understand inflation.

You are more receptive to invest your money to gain more money than keeping it stopped so that you don’t lose it.

You think about how much money your favourite restaurant makes, when you go there to eat.

You understand that money is a tool and you don’t desire money, you desire cash flow.
You find it so much better to open you own business than working for somebody else.

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