Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What are the things that do not matter in life?

Sex. Whether you have sexual experience or not.

Whether you are married, single, virgin, gay or lesbian.

Rejection from opposite sex/same sex, employer or society.

Failing in competitive exams or getting poor grades.

Following the typical lifestyle which are followed by 90% people in society.

Wasting your whole life in a stressful job instead of traveling the amazing places in the world.
Stressful job doesn't matter but travelling really matters for life.

Your face and physical appearance.

Your family status and wealth.

Having sports cars and large villas.

Lots of views and upvotes on Quora answers.

Having millions of followers on social websites.

Chasing opposite sex or same sex.

Chasing fame, success and money.

Acceptance from society.

A typical job where you are ruining your creativity.

Fear. One day everyone will die, that is permanent. So, get rid of the fear.

High expectations. That creates lots of problems in life.

Having trillions of dollars.

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