Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Aquarius Platinum Offers a Money-making Opportunity

There is now a perfect opportunity to make money on Aquarius Platinum Limited. The company shares (LSE:AQP) are now ready to take off and skyrocket, following a long period of battering by sellers.  This is valid because the more extended the selling pressure is and the more the price finds more robust demand zones, the more probable it will be for the price to stop going down further and give long signals as the bearish pressure becomes ineffectual. Attempts at dependability on the markets are what we know as chart analysis (something used in locating the next possible bias).

Technical Forecast
The company stock has been an extended downtrend. The price has been falling since March 2012. From a peak of 160 in March, the price fell to a low 34.4 on August 12. This would have richly rewarded short-sellers. The trend is your friend indeed while it lasts! It now appears that the price will not continue its downward push as explained here. Several bullish attempts failed in the month of August as the Stochastic fell far into the oversold region in the same month. However, the price has constantly failed to find new significant lows. The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) 21 period and the Stochastic default parameters are used on the chart below.  The price has now closed above the EMA 21 as the Stochastic is heading upwards. This is a good BUY signal.

Starting from August 6, a solemn bullish attempt occurred and has remained valid till now. Everything on the chart is now pointing northwards. This stock is till very cheap for those who want to buy it. Those who catch the early trend are the ones that will benefit from it the most. As it was being analyzed, the stock was trading at 41.36. The demand zones that bears find it difficult to rape are at 41.00 and 39.50, as the supply zones at 42.00 and 42.50 will soon come under fire.  Take profit levels are invariably found with the rule of the thumb, so that the possible expectancy of a position is measured. Honestly, one cannot give a precise target level for this market as the big rally that will ensue would disrespect distribution zones and continue moving up, since the positions that do not go up protractedly would be smoothed when they are yet to meet their take profit levels. I am convinced that analyses that are easy are the ones that would be easily stuck to with determination.

Conclusion: Aquarius Platinum is one market in which one can go long right now and get rewarded eventually. While the world is busy pointing accusing fingers at their politicians and regulators, traders and investors are active in the markets, making money.

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