Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Annual Trading Forecast on Amazon (2016)

Amazon shares (NASDAQ:AMZN) rallied within the last few months of 2015, and then began to nosedive from January 2016. This is something that resulted in a bearish signal.

Further bearish movement was rejected around the middle of February 2016, and the bulls started pushing the price upwards. Right now, the price is above the EMA 21 while the Williams’ % Range period 20 has gone into an overbought region. This is a “buy” signal.

Since Amazon is getting stronger and stronger now, it is expected that the shares would experience a bullish movement in most of 2016.

This forecast is ended by the quote below:

“A vital short-cut to financial success is to find someone who’s already where you want to be and copy they do to get the same result. Thais is called “modelling” success.” – Marcus de Maria

Azeez Mustapha

Market Analyst, Trading Signals Provider and Coach

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