Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tallinex’s $10,000 Forex Trading Competition:

Get ready to take part in something new... something different! The starting clock is counting down to the first Tallinex trading competition of 2016... and the prizes are HUGE!

 This is a DEMO-trading contest because we wanted anyone and everyone to take part... we just decided to make things more interesting by offering bigger prizes than most live-trading competitions. So... if you have ever thought of taking part in a trading competition, then THIS is the competition to take part in! Competition entrants will go head-to-head - each trading a $2,500 micro account with 1:400 leverage. There are no restrictions - competitors are free to trade any strategy... whether manual, automated, or both. Come early, or come late - you will be able to dive in and join the fun right up until April 15th.

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The default minimum deposit amounts are: $100 for Micro accounts, $500 for Pro-Managed accounts, and $2,000 for Pro accounts However, an optional "suggested deposit amount" parameter may be used.