Monday, July 18, 2016



An applicant called today
Dressed well but looked hopeless
Credentials filled his bag,
But he left as he came.

Vacancies in newspapers,
Vacancies on posters,
Vacancies on the web,
Vacancies on the air.

Vacancies that do not exist,
Vacancies have been filled,
Vacancies from fraudsters
That hoodwink the helpless.

The use of long arms,
Or the use of connections,
Or the use of kickbacks
Is not always effective.

Passing exams is battle,
Going to college is war,
Getting good jobs is futile,
And some jobs need no degrees.

An applicant called today
But his objective failed.
He left only papers,
Will he go on like this?

Ben Alani (November 2007)

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