Saturday, October 1, 2016

Weekly Trading Forecasts on Major Pairs (October 3 - 7, 2016)

Here’s the market outlook for the week:
Dominant bias: Neutral  
This pair did not do anything significantly last week, save moving briefly above the resistance line at 1.1250 and testing the support line at 1.1150. The bias has become neutral in the short and long terms, and this is supposed to continue until price goes out balance, which should happen before the end of the week or next. The outlook on EUR pairs is bearish for the month of October (except in a few cases), therefore, EURUSD could be seen going lower in the month.     

Dominant bias: Bearish
This currency trading instrument is bearish in the short-term, but neutral in the long-term. Bulls made visible effort to push the instrument upwards but bears did not allow this to happen. Although the outlook is bearish in the short-term, price did nothing more than testing the resistance level at 0.9750 and support level at 0.9650. There should be a rise in momentum this week, and USDCHF would rally only when EURUSD falls sharply.

Dominant bias: Bearish
GBPUSD is bearish in the long and short terms. Price simply moved sideways last week, although Bearish Confirmation Patterns are still visible in the 4-hour and daily charts. Further bearish movement is anticipated this week, which should drive price towards the accumulation territories at 1.2900, 1.2850 and 1.2800. Rallies in this market would invariably turn out to be traps for bulls; and of course, good short-selling opportunities. The accumulation territory at 1.2950 is currently doing a good job preventing further downside move: though it could give way very soon. In the month of October, the outlook on GBP pairs is strongly bearish, and large downside movements would be witnessed, except in a few cases.
Dominant bias: Neutral
USDJPY is neutral in the short-term. In fact, the overall condition on the market has been a kind of consolidation throughout September 2016. Further sideways movement would result in a neutral bias in the long-term as well, but there is a  high possibility that price may start trending seriously before the end of this week, which could result in a bearish or bullish signal forming in the 4-hour chart.
Dominant bias: Neutral  
The condition on EURJPY is quite similar to the condition surrounding USDJPY. Price consolidated between the demand zone at 112.50 and the supply zone at 114.00, throughout last week. This week, a rise in momentum is expected which would take price above the aforementioned supply zone, or below the demand zone, resulting in a bearish or bullish bearish in the short-term.

This forecast is concluded with the quote below:

“I am now doing things I have a passion for and am full time trading.” – Stefan Carling


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