Monday, March 20, 2017

8 Ways Exchangers Can Make Their Customers Very Happy

This is the most important factor that makes an exchanger’s customers’ happy. It doesn’t matter whether a customer needs their money now or not. Just pay them instantly when they sell e-currency to you. It’s clear that a customer who gets his money within 15 minutes would be happier than a customer who gets his money within 24 hours or 3 days.

We’re able to gain more and more customers because we endeavor to process their orders quickly, even when it’s not always convenient for us.

Because they’re big, some exchangers won’t answer your calls and will never call you back No matter what happens, a customer would be happy if they know their calls would always be picked. Even we like to return calls from customers, especially when we see that they’ve been trying to reach us. It makes a customer feel appreciated when they’re called personally to be updated on some new services rendered by the company. Customers feel good when they know they can talk to the owner of an exchange business directly. An owner of an exchange business should not be too big to talk to customers.

For example, Access Bank calls us when we have issues with them or when they want to know how we feel about an issue that was solved some time ago. Is any exchanger as big or as rich as Access Bank? Do they have as many customers as Access Bank? The bank calls because they know that customers are the ones helping them to grow and make money. As an exchanger, you need to know that whatever you might have become now, that’d be impossible without the patronage of your customers.

When customers know that they can still do business with you on Saturdays, and even Sundays; when they know they can do business with you in the dead of night, they feel happy. Some customers require urgent/emergency processing of orders, and they won’t like the idea of not being able to reach their exchangers on weekends or at nights.

For example, we’ve a customer whose kid got suddenly sick on a Saturday evening. The kid was rushed to a hospital and the dad was asked to make some deposit for treatment. Since the dad (a customer) did not have money, he contacted us via WhatsApp around 1.30 AM to sell some e-currency. He explained what he was passing through. After he forwarded the e-currency, he got paid with 6 minutes. He was able to forward some money to the hospital’s account.

What would happen if the exchanger is someone that switches off their phones and communication channels and services on weekends, when a customer needs their services desperately and urgently? We wonder why exchangers go off on weekends when their e-currency providers and banks allow weekend transactions.

This has nothing to do with how beautiful your website is. It got nothing to do with you automated orders. Buyers and sellers are humans. Beneficiaries of buying and selling of e-currencies are humans, not software. Treat your customers like honorable individuals, not like numbers.

For us, if we’re not going to be around because of certain reasons, we let our customers know that; plus the time when we’ll open for business again.

Customers would be happy when they sell e-currencies at good rates. Buyers are glad when they’re able to save some money from their e-currencies purchases, as compared to other exchangers

Customers are always encouraged to contact their exchangers before buying and selling e-currencies. We don’t encourage automated buying and selling… It’s just like doing things blindly and it doesn’t make sense to us. When customer sends money to you to buy an e-currency which you don’t have, then simply refund them. Don’t hold their money until you’re able to get e-currency to sell (unless they willingly agree to that). When someone forwards e-currency to you and you’re not ready to buy, then forward it back to them.

A long time ago, someone sent money to us to buy e-currency. We tried to sell to him, but we discovered that his e-wallet account was barred from receiving funds. We contacted him immediately and sent his money back to him. Later, when he resolved the issue with his wallet, he sent us the money again, we processed his order successfully and then notified him. Later we found out that he was soldier! But gladly, we won his trust. Serve all your customers in most transparent way, for you don’t know who’s who.

Someone sent us $450 worth of e-currency, which we were not buying at that time. We forwarded it back to him. That person was hooked and he’s brought more customers to us, who were previous victims of online scammers.   

As an exchanger, let your “yes” be your “yes” and your “no” be your “no.” Do whatever you say you’re going to do. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself, you can’t keep it to anybody else.

Some people think that aggressive marketing is the only way for them to grow their business. They’re wrong! If you’re a bad exchanger, you’ll soon be famous for bad business habits. Honesty is the most important secret that would make your exchange business grow in the long run. Tell your customers the truth, whether they want to hear it or not: They’ll later appreciate you for that. Without honesty, we’d go to jail (apart from ruining our own business).  But with honesty, we’d eventually realize our business aims and ambitions.

Sadly, there are times (though rare) when instant cash transfers fail due to errors/issues with our bank or the recipients’ banks. When this happen, we’re often the one to notify the customers, when they can’t get their money within one hour. We constantly contact our bank and work with them to ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible, and we update the customer, carrying them along until they get their money.  

This is one of the best mindset an exchanger can have. “Love your neighbor as yourself” or “Do unto others what you’d like them to do to you.” The world of business would be a far better place if you treat your customers as you would want to be treated, if you’re also a customer to an exchanger.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask: “If I was a customer of an exchanger, how would I like to be treated in this situation?” Would I be happy if another firm treats me the way I’m treating my customers? Give yourself an honest answer and treat your customers in a way that would make their hearts pray for you.

When Neteller banned our accounts, we made sure that we paid all our customers who sold to us that day. Because of our Instant Funding policy, we’d paid about 95% of them before our accounts got banned. There were customers who got paid in millions of Naira, and we delibrately bore the costs and losses in order to make sure that we maintain a clean conscience.

Though many exchangers are older and richer than us, you can’t see any customers complaining about us online.

Exchangers shouldn’t be proud, wicked, selfish, and egocentric. Good name is better than silver and gold.

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