Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to get verified by PAYEER

Hello Traders:

In order to enjoy the full benefits of Payeer, you would need to get verified/personalized.

However, Payeer verification isn’t easy. They don’t accept voter’s cards and driver’s licenses as proofs of nationality. What they accept is a government-issued plastic ID card (like national ID card) or best, international passport. Forget about an NIMS slip, whether laminated or not.

It’s best to use international passport as a proof of nationality.

Your proof of address can be utility bills. The utility bill you use must be recent – issued within 3 months. You can also use your 3-month bank statement, which is very effective. The bank statement must be stamped and signed by your bank.

In our experience, it’s best to use a 3-month bank statement, showing your address and stamped and signed by your bank. The statement can be for your Naira account and your domiciliary account.

Finally, use a high resolution scanner or a very high resolution smartphone camera to scan the documents. All the edges and details must show clearly, with no edits, bends, roughness or fades.

If you can do this, you’d get verified quickly. Then you can start enjoying your Payeer account.

NB: Without verification, you can use Payeer. But verification would open you to additional features.

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