Thursday, March 23, 2017

This is a face of another scam artist (419 person)

VN ALERT: Dear Customer, Your ACCOUNT/ATM Card has been Blocked, Due to Incomplete BVN Registration. Call our Customer Help line on 08165194095.

The message above is what was received from scammers (exactly as it was received), and it has been sent to millions of Nigerians.  I wonder why these scoundrels obtain people’s phone numbers to dupe them.

I had to make this public because skunks should not be hidden; plus people should be alerted. Unfortunately, some innocent victims would fall for this stupidity.

You can share it if you want to save some victims.

The number that sent the message is: 09069955434

The number they want their victims to call is: 08165194095.

The matter has been reported to EFCC, MTN, Nigerian police and ICPC.

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