Thursday, April 27, 2017

32 Major Reasons Why You Need to Open an Account Now

Epay ( e-currency is the latest wonder of the financial world. Perfect and excellent.

2.      Epay has been authorized and licensed by Chinese government and Hong Kong government to do online payment business.

3.      Epay world office is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, in southeastern China, which is a modern metropolis that links Hong Kong to China’s mainland. Shenzhen is in Guangdong Province, which is one of the five largest and wealthiest cities of China.

4.      Epay supports Nigerians without any restrictions. They also welcome USA citizens.

5.      Epay supports USD, GBP, EUR and HKD.

6.      Epay account opening and verifications are free and very easy. Once you’re verified, you can use the account for life.

7.      You can enjoy unlimited transfers per transaction, per day, per week and per month, using Epay.

8.      Epay to Epay transfer is free. You don’t bear any costs to transfer Epay to another member; or to receive Epay. No other e-currencies providers allow this.

9.      Epay fully supports exchange business.

10.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Bitcoin free of charge, and sell it to make money.

11.  You can fund your Epay wallet with WesternUnion free of charge, and sell it to make money.

12.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Money Gram free of charge, and sell it to make money.

13.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Wire Transfer free of charge, and sell it to make money.

14.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Ria Money free of charge, and sell it to make money.

15.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Webmoney, and sell it to make money.

16.  You can fund your Epay wallet with OKPAY, and sell it to make money.

17.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Payeer, and sell it to make money.

18.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Perfect Money, and sell it to make money.

19.  You can fund your Epay wallet with Paypal, and sell it to make money.

20.  You can fund your NETELLER wallet with Epay.

21.  You can withdraw Epay through Wire Transfer directly into your domiciliary account, with very low fees.

22.  You can withdraw Epay via Western Union or Money Gram. Very low fees.

23.  You can withdraw Epay through other e-currencies listed above. Very low fees. 1% in most cases.

24.  You can use Epay for online payments.

25.  You can create virtual cards with Epay. Virtual card is anonymous that can protect your privacy. These cards can be used to make online payment.

26., the fastest-paying exchanger in Nigeria, accepts Epay. This means you can now sell Epay to them and get paid as fast as you can imagine.

27.  Epay is now one of the fastest ways to send money to Nigeria, especially when dealing with the fastest-paying exchanger like

28.  You can even do Epay transactions with when everyone is sleeping in the dead of night, on weekends (including Sundays), and during public holidays.

29.  From, you would also benefits from occasional free cash and recharge cards as an Epay account holder.

30.  More opportunities are coming with Epay, like more brokers adopting the e-currency. It’s good for the opportunities to meet you ready.

31.  Speaking about the advantages of we would also like to mention a very clear referral program. It doesn't matter how much a person you brought spends and it doesn't matter if this person spends at all – you get your $5 anyway. The maximum referral reward is $5000 for 1000 new users you brought. Looks decent!

32.  Don’t underrate Chinese business. (founded in USA) is 22 years old and Ali Baba (founded in China) is 18 years old. But last year, Ali Baba made a net income that was more than 10 times bigger than the net income made by Amazon. Ali Baba has also grown far and far bigger than Amazon. It’s better to look into the future and see very bright prospects. That’s Epay. It got a very bright future and you’ll do well to join the ride before the competition becomes stiff. Please strike while the iron is hot.

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