Wednesday, April 5, 2017

When registering on

Hello Traders:

When you register on our website, it enables us to serve you faster and better.

Since we offer only Perfect Money and Payeer exchange at the present, we’ll be happy to welcome every customer who has either Perfect Money or Payeer account (or a customer who has both).

When you register on, you’d put your correct Perfect Money account number or your Payeer account number.

If you have both Perfect Money and Payeer account numbers, please enter them.  Existing customers who were selling or buying Neteller can also edit their existing profile if they have Perfect Money or Payeer accounts.

However, those who don’t have either Perfect Money or Payeer account numbers need not register on the website. If they do, their accounts would be deleted. It’s been noticed that some people register and put irrelevant information. We beg you not to do that.  

We appreciate your interest in doing business with us, and we promise to announce additional services soon…

Thank you.

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