Thursday, April 6, 2017

Technical Forecasts for CFDs (April 2017)

Dominant bias: Bullish
The market consolidated from March 3 to 27, and then moved upwards protractedly till the end of March. The bullishness in the market is still being preserved, though things are choppy and volatile at the present. In April, it is expected that price would continue going upward, and gradually. The resistance lines at 5900.00 and 5950.00 are the immediate targets for bulls. The ultimate target is the resistance line at 6000.00. As price journeys upwards, there would be occasional pullbacks along the way – and some can even be large.

Dominant bias: Bullish
SPX500 underwent some bearish correction throughout March 2017, but that was not significant enough to pose any threat to the dominant bullish bias, let alone invalidating it. Right now, the bearish correction is still in place, and it might continue this month (until something fundamental forces price to change its course). A movement below the support level at 2300.0 would threaten the bullish bias; while a movement below the support level at 2200.0 would result in a clean bearish outlook on the market. Unless these support levels are broken, any bearish corrections would be viewed as transient.   

Dominant bias: Bullish
As usual, the movement on SPX500 is essentially similar to the movement on US30, since the conditions surrounding both markets are the same. US30 consolidated throughout last month, as bears subtly pushed price gradually south. The downwards correction is still in place, and it might end becoming an opportunity to go long at better prices. The bullish bias would continue to hold as long as price does not go below the accumulation territory at 20000; though the accumulation territories at 20500 and 20300 could be tested temporarily.  

Dominant bias: Bullish
This market was able to continue its bullish movement last week. The bullish movement started in 2016, and there is still much room for further bullish movement. Last month, price reached a low of 11847.3 and a high of 12342.9. A movement below the low of last month would result in a bearish signal; while a movement above the high of last month would result in stronger Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the market. Given the current price action, a movement to the upside is the most likely. Eyes are on the supply levels at 12300.0 and 12500.00.  

Dominant bias: Bullish
FRA40 was able to avoid a major pullback in March, as it reached an equilibrium phase. Price broke to the upside on March 27, rallying till the end of the month. There is yet to be a directional movement so far in this month, but price is playing itself out in the context of an uptrend. It is expected that price would go out of balance again, and there is a probability that the breakout would be in favor of the existing bullish bias. While there also would be some corrections in the market, the supply zones at 5150.0, 5200.0 and 5250.0 could be reached before the end of this month.  

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