Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Armstrong Ventures Builds a Long-term Solid Base: A Stronger Market Expected

Armstrong Ventures stock (LSE:AVP), which is very cheap, has been building a long-term solid base for several months. This is a kind of the market environment that some veteran speculators would like to watch; they would like to act on it as soon as the price signals there is an opportunity.

This is a flat market, as shown by the EMA 21. It appears that the price has nowhere to go but upwards. The Williams’% Range period 20 has shown serious, but fleeting upswings from the base, given the fact in the market and the readings of the indicator. Eventually, the market would be strong, and the stock can gain hundreds of percentage within the next several months.

We are interested in knowing the next development affecting this market, plus what other traders are saying about it. When we interact with other traders, we might know when a particular market is good enough for action. As Chris Ebert says, individual retail trading can be a very isolating lifestyle; and it wasn’t until fairly recent years that online interactions became a viable means of connecting with other traders, in effect reducing that feeling of isolation.

This forecast is ended by the quote below:

“A well-developed system might have a win rate of only 55%. If you had five losing trades in a row with such a system, you might be tempted to question your own performance and decide you are in a losing streak.  In fact, all you have seen is a string of five losing trades that should be statistically expected as part of a large number of opportunities.” - Dr. Ken Long (Source:

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