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He Stabbed His Own Wife More Than 500 Times

The murderer mentioned above is Robert Bailey. His murdered wife was a 36 year old former legal secretary who once referred to her husband as being like one of their 3 children. The husband aged 46 at the time, was a bus driver.

The incident happened on September 11, 2008, and it was preceded by an argument in the kitchen. The woman was stabbed more than 500 times. Being stabbed in the kitchen of their Locker Park suburban home, that attack and struggle were protracted. Bailey made use of a double pronged carving blade and many knives on Elaine, his poor wife. There were also many penetrating and superficial wounds to her body.

The woman got most of the stabs while she was still breathing; though she received more stabs after she died.  The woman suffered severe agonies before her death.  There were at least, 126 penetrating wounds to her face and head, with most around her eyes. At least, 4 stabs went through her eye sockets into her underlying brain.

The blows, stabs, punctured and incised wounds were inflicted with a measure of force. About two stabs entered her chest – one penetrating her heart and the other went through her lung.  Additionally, her arms and hands were seriously stabbed as she struggled to defend herself. The pattern of the mutilation was bizarre. The woman died in an unthinkable situation.

At the time of her murder, her body was so mutilated to the extent that her parents, along with authorities, were only able to recognize her body by her dental records. 

After he was satisfied with the way he killed his wife, Bailey left for a neighbor’s house, wearing a Liverpool FC shirt covered with blood. The neighbor was Glynis Boyle. He banged on her window with a foot-long knife he had in his hand. The neighbor saw someone that looked maniac and possessed, swearing oaths. She had to call 999 and escaped into her garden. Meanwhile, he was able to enter her house stabbing her furniture and causing additional damages that were worth £20,000. When police officers came, they escorted Mrs. Boyle to safety. They saw Bailey watching television, grinning: knife in hand.  He had smashed a window to get to one officer that was escorting Mrs. Boyle to safety, though he did not leave the house.

When armed officers came to him to arrest him, he stabbed himself in the chest, piercing his diaphragm.  He was however taken to the hospital and treated.

When they got to Bailey’s house, they saw his dead wife in the kitchen with knives scattered around her body. The murder scene was cordoned off

At Liverpool Crown Court, the emotionless man later accepted that he murdered his own wife. He was jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years imprisonment.

The victim’s folks stated that they thought justice had been done as Robert began his life imprisonment for the morbid and horrifying killing of their precious daughter.  Though the dead cannot come back, Elaine would continue to live through her 3 kids who are now being cared for by Stuart, Elaine’s brother.

The folks received condolence letter and cards; which proved that she was loved very much and sorely missed by those who knew her. They showed appreciation for the support they also received from their local community and churches.

They said what remained for them to do was to continue staying together as a family and to mold their kid’s lives in the best possible way.

Later it was reported that the man would be allowed to appeal his jail sentence.  The accused believed the life sentence was too harsh and 20 years too long. He was granted leave to appeal against the Liverpool Crown Court’s pronouncement at the Court Of Appeal.

The reason why he was granted the chance to appeal the case was because of his mental condition. It was thought that the nature of the killing was unusual and the court did not know the fact about his mental condition before the sentence. His psychiatric report was not shown prior to the judgment. This would allow for further investigation.

Bailey had suffered from depression and was treated for it. Nevertheless, he was not thought of being able to commit such grievous crime. He did not know why he lost his sanity and reasoning, but he admitted that the stabs were brutal. He used to have breakdown. His mother committed suicide when he was 27.

Bailey, who has been suffering from behavioral and learning disorders, said he always argued with his wife, for she used to look down on him; plus she used to act like the boss of the house, so he was often afraid of his her. He claimed he lost control completely on the day he killed his wife.

The coupled got married in 1990 and they seemed happy, although Elaine’s mother commented that Bailey had been jealous of the kids since their last kid was born. The kids are two boys and a girl who has Down’s Syndrome. Elaine’s mother conversed on phone with her daughter on the day she was going to be killed. Elaine talked ok, but when she was asked how her husband was doing, she replied that she was annoyed with him for not taking his tablets, but she hoped that he would be alright in 6 days’ time.

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