Saturday, July 29, 2017

Good news coming to our Access Bank customers (soon)

We’ll soon announce good news to our customers who use their Access Bank accounts to do business with us.

Why? We use our Access Bank corporate account to do this business too, and we like the services. We believe that Access Bank has the best online customers support system in Nigeria. This is no flattery.

So all our customers who use Access Bank would soon have a cause to be happy. We’ll announce surprise cash prizes, offers and promos to them, for their personal benefits.

This would happen in a foreseeable future and by then, only our verified customers and VIPs would enjoy the benefits.

Answer: NEVER!

We’ll forever appreciate all our customers, no matter the banks they use. We’ve done some promos for every verified customer before and we’ll do them again soon. As you probably know, there are promos that target those who withdraw Neteller only. There are promos that target those who transact in Perfect Money, Payeer and Epay. There’ll be promos that target those who fund with Neteller through us.

Then, there’ll soon be a promo/offer for Access Bank customers. This isn’t discriminatory. We love all our customers!

NB: Normally, sellers can ask us to pay into any bank accounts they want, and buyers can ask us to fund any Neteller accounts they want. However, a verified seller can’t change their Neteller account, which they registered with us (to avoid fraud), unless they come to our office in Lagos, to prove that they’re also the owner of the new Neteller account they want to withdraw from.

To fund and withdraw with Neteller, please visit:

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