Sunday, July 9, 2017

NETELLER: Our VIP members rewards

Every calendar year, we choose 2 customers to become our VIPs. They have permanently special status with us and they can fund/withdraw Neteller through us, at parallel market rates, whether they open brokerage accounts through us or not.

These are people who funded with the highest amount of Neteller, and who also withdrew the highest amount of Neteller through us.  They would be announced on January each year and added to our list of VIPs.

We have already determined those who qualify to become our VIPs, owing to the fact that they funded and withdrew the highest amount of Neteller through us in the year 2016.

Their names would be announced in the first week of August 2017. Then with immediate effect, they have permanent qualification to fund and withdraw Neteller through us at parallel market rates (displayed on our websites).

Those who fund and withdraw the highest amount of Neteller through us in the year 2017 would be announced, DV, in January 2018; after which they qualify to deal with us, enjoying our parallel market rates, without opening any trading accounts through us.

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