Monday, July 17, 2017

Selling BITCOIN at a far higher rate

The Bitcoin rate has crashed in Nigeria – and that’s no longer news.

Some exchangers buy Bitcoin for as low as N250/$ (names withheld). But most buy it around N320/$-N325/$-N330/$. Is that going to be favorable to you?

The fact is, because of the ever increasing popularity of Bitcoin, supply is far higher than demand, and when that happens, the market would drop like a stone.

One way to withdraw Bitcoin at a higher rate is to convert it to NETELLER, and sell it to us. We currently buy at N355/$ (from our and clients). Right now, you can convert Bitcoin to Neteller at 1% rate.

Our other verified customers also sell Neteller at a very competitive rate, which they see as they login on our website.

Apart from us, other exchangers buy Neteller at prices which range from N300/$ to N325/$/. Please check online for yourself, you would see that our rates are far better. We also pay customers faster than them.

They buy far below us and sell far higher than us. Yet some people buy from them. That’s great.

Some think that the parallel markets would still come down. This is good news for the layman, but bad news for sellers of e-currencies. In a bad economy, hyperinflation is inevitable. The parallel market rate can’t go below the Western Union rate; and the latter can’t go below the CBN rate.

Unless the economic improves significantly, the parallel market will skyrocket once CBN gets tired of the ongoing “quantitative easing.” They want to prove they have a very deep pocket, but in reality, they don’t.

Japan is struggling for their currency to become weaker and weaker, so that their products can become more attractive to foreigners. On the contrary, Nigeria thinks a stronger Naira is what we need to boost the economy.

We allow Neteller withdrawal from verified customers only. You don’t need to wait until you’re ready to sell Neteller before you get verified by us. Many customers simply get verified by us without having Neteller to sell. That means, when they eventually have Neteller to withdraw through us, they simply come up, withdraw it to our account and then get paid within minutes. Those who postpone verification until they’ve Neteller to withdrawal may be subjected to unnecessary delays.

Get verified today.

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