Friday, July 21, 2017

ITU GLOBAL: What is the meaning of ITU?

Our business name is Itu Global.

Some people wonder: What is the meaning of ITU?

Some think the name “Itu: stands for Itu Baba Ita (area father), one old, above-the-law soul and a leader of veteran thugs, who was espoused by one late ace broadcaster and comedian, called Gbenga Adeboye. To date, he remains the best stand-up comedian produced by the Yoruba race.

In Yoruba language, itu means “feat.”

For example:

“Itu meje ti ode npa ninu igbo.”

“The seven feats performed by a hunter in the forest.”

In Indonesian, itu means “that” (a conjunction or a pronoun).

But our business name means
I = International
T = Trade
U = Unlimited

International Trade Unlimited is the full meaning of ITU.

Some of our customers prefer to pronounce it “I-T-U” (one letter after the other). Most pronounce it “ITU” (as one word).

Meanwhile, our main aim is to create value for our business.

Thank you.

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