Friday, July 7, 2017

How I make easy money with (Confidential)

Hello Traders:

I am a professional trader, and I’ve been trading for about 10 years. Currently, I make money from without lifting my fingers. Or I’d say, without making any efforts of analyzing the markets myself. Some people do that for me free of charge.

Basically, there are 2 ways I make money from One would be mentioned in this article and the other one would be revealed in my next article about Isn’t it good to show people how to make money so that they can sell Neteller to us and get paid quickly?

There’s one currency analyst at His name is Dima Chernovolov.

The guy is a mad genius.

He sends 4 trading signals on major and exotic pairs on daily basis, giving customers profit targets for the trades. The signals are sent via email.

I’m making easy profits from the signals.

Every trade is entered with a stop loss of 200 pips pairs/crosses with low spreads and a stop loss of 400 pips for pairs/crosses with high spreads. This gives each trade enough room to withstand the vagaries of the markets. With an account balance of $20,000, a position size of 0.1 lots would be used (0.01 lots for each $2,000). This means I risk only 1% per trade on pairs with low spreads and 2% per trade on pairs with high spreads.

Dima is the one giving me profit targets and this month, I’ve made a profit of about 500 pips.

Of course there are losses, but I make average profits that are bigger than average losses and make sure that stop loss protect my capitals.

Simply register for a free demo account or a live account on, and then the free signals would be sent to your email regularly. The signals come often at the end of each trading day.

You can try the signals on a demo account for about one or two months, faithfully executing them, so that you can see the result for yourself, before you go live.

NETELLER at Parallel Market Rates
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To open a Tallinex account with us, with a minimum of 100 USD, please register on and click the link on the bottom of the website: I simply copy profitable trades on; trading with peace of mind

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