Tuesday, July 25, 2017

NETELLER: I registered on your website but I’m yet to be verified. Why?

I registered on your website but I’m yet to be verified. Why?

Answer: For you to transfer Neteller to us, you must register and get verified by us. In this case, registration is different from verification. Registration means you have put your information on our website and uploaded the documents we require. Verification means we have officially approved your documents, and your status on our website has been changed to “verified.”

2 documents are needed for this:
A). Your passport photo. You can also take a picture of yourself with your smartphone.

B). Your international passport OR driver’s license OR national ID card OR voter’s card.

The documents could be in Jpeg or PDF formats – standard and with good resolution.

Why Registered Customers Are Not Verified:
1.      You uploaded your documents with other formats other than Jpeg and/or PDF. If you do this, the documents won’t show and we won’t be able to verify you.

2.      You uploaded ONLY your photo/picture in the 2 areas provided. We can’t verify someone who uploaded only pictures without any ID or license or PCV. If you can’t upload your ID, then please send it to us as an attachment, via email. We’ll then update you.

3.      You uploaded only your ID or license or PVC, but without a separate picture of yourself. We can’t verify someone who uploaded only a means of identification, without a separate picture. If you can’t upload your picture, then please send it to us as an attachment, via email. We’ll then update you.

4.      Your documents and picture are OK and accepted; but you don’t reply to an email message we sent to you. We also make sure that you’re the owner of the email address/Neteller account number you register on our website. That’s why we sent a message to you so that you can reply via that email. If you can’t reply. That means you’re not the owner of the email, and we can’t verify you.

Will Unverified Sellers Go Somewhere Else?
We need to know who’s withdrawing Neteller through us. We need to be sure that they’re the owner of the account used to transfer Neteller to us. Without this, we can’t accept Neteller from a third party, and those who change their Neteller account get suspended from using our services.

If someone transfers Neteller to us without verification by us, the funds would be transferred back to them, while they bear the cost of the transfer. We do this as quickly as we can.

We’re doing this business to survive in the long run and to provide quality services to those who earn Neteller through legitimate means, We’re not here to accept stolen funds from scammers.

Those who don’t want to get verified or who think verification is a long process, can go somewhere else. After all, if we get banned by Neteller, they’ll go somewhere else.

We want to survive in order to serve legitimate Neteller customers for as long as possible. We want to create value for our business by making sure that we do exactly what Neteller stipulates.


NB: You don’t need to get verified before you can sell Perfect Money, Payeer and Epay to us. Verification is mandatory ONLY for Neteller sellers. It’s also not mandatory for Neteller buyers.

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