Sunday, June 25, 2017

Be Careful What You Share Online – GTBank

Your entire life could be online and it might be used against you. Criminals could try to harm you with the personal information you share online or on your social media handles.

Don’t post sensitive personal information online.

Always ensure that the photographs you share online do not reveal sensitive personal information about you or your loved ones. – From Guaranty Trust Bank

To those who waste their time, revealing their privacy unnecessarily to boost their ego, while they gain nothing and are paid nothing for it.

Do you think those who comment on your posts really care about you or your family? NEVER! Those comments are bogus love that quickly fail when put to tests.

I prefer to keep my mouth shut online, and demonstrate real, tangible commitment to the persons I love in reality.

Some are actually stalking you, monitoring your activities, to use against you. Why do you reveal details of your innocent kids to those you can never welcome into your house? You might as well post their pics in physical public places.

Exhibiting fake life online only reveals your vulnerability, rather than your strength. Vainglory brings more harm than good. Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger.

Whether you’re really what claim or you’re pretending to be what you’re not; very few people really care.

Really successful people jealously and desperately protect their privacy. If you’re really an achiever, you don’t need to blow any trumpet for yourself. Let others do that.

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